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Black Friday Sale 2020

2020 has been a barking mad year, being locked up in our houses with our pets, zoom calls and so many dishes! The dogs were happy to have more time with us, cats thought we had lost our jobs, rabbits were happy for more cuddles and birds were chirping away. 

It's been a tough one on us all, that's why we at PetPlus are offering you 25% off beds, toys and accessories for all your furry, feathered and bubble blowing family members.

What all will be included? For the furr-family members you can shop all toys, collars, harnesses, leads, beds, blankets and houses. For your feathered friends all bird toys and cage accessories are included. And for all small pets (bunnies, guinea pigs and other rodents) shop toys and habitat accessories. 

These deals can be shopped online and in-store from Thursday, 26 November to Friday, 27 November. 


  • Discounted pricing available for Thursday 26th November and Friday 27th November or while stocks last. 

  • 25% off toys, accessories & bedding only (Discount is automatically applied at checkout and no additional discounts/vouchers will be applicable on items not already included in the 25% off special). 

  • Categories included in the discount are Beds, Blankets and Houses; Bird Toys and Accessories; Cat Toys; Collars, Harness and Leads; Dog Toys; Fish Tank Accessories; Identity Tags; Small Pet Toys & Habitat Accessories

  • Due to increased sales and demand over the Black Friday period, delays may be encountered with orders from our suppliers and with courier deliveries to you, our customer. We will endeavour to dispatch your purchase as quickly as possible.

  • Orders are processed on a first in, first out basis. Stock is limited and priority will be given to earlier orders.

  • Receipt of order and payment does not guarantee stock availability.

  • November 24, 2020
  • Lara Robertson
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