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Black Friday 2021

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Durable, Waterproof. machine-washable vehicle seat cover that can be installed in a bench or hammock configuration.  Secure attachments keep the cover in place, non-slip fabric keeps dogs stable.   Dimensions Width: 140cm(55 in) Length: 159cm(63 in)   Features Protects behicle seat from dog adventures Tear-resistant, waterproof and comfortable fabric Grip coating on back surface keeps cover in place Convertible design...

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High-visibility, reflective jacket built with durable, waterproof polyester fabric features reflective accent panels along the side and in the chest martingale to enhance visibility on all sides.   How to measure your dog: Measure the girth as per the picture below. Select the right size for your dog (in between sizes: choose the larger size): * XX-Small/X-Small: 33 - 56cm...

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Leash worn around a dog's collar when not in use. Clips onto any collar and wraps around the dog's neck, securing with a hook and loop closure. Pull the tab to go from off-leash to on-leash.   Features Grab tab provides quick access to leash Swiveling Crux Clip is strong, secure and provides one-handed attachment Leash is 51cm - 69cm(20-27...

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Everyday leash that can be hand-held or waist-worn for hands-free leash walking. Outdoor-inspired patterns connect you with your favourite wild places.   Length: 1.8m(6 ft) Width: 25mm(1 in)   Features Ruffwear-designed Tubelok webbing Talon Clip is strong, secure and ergonomically designed for one-handed attachment Adjustable, padded handle and side-release buckle with aluminium uniloop Can be hand-held, waist-worn or secured around...

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Designed to pair with the Front Range Harness, this comfortable leash includes a padded, ergonomic handle and Ruffwear-designed hardware.   Available in the following colours: Twilight Grey / Meadow Green / Blue Dusk / Tilandsia Purple / Wild Berry Pink / Orange Poppy     Features Nylon webbing is sturdy yet light Swiveling Crux Clip is strong, secure and provides...

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Best Rabbit food ever! Great Service!

Gentle wipes

Very gentle wipes that are great for getting any extra wax/dirt build up out of your dogs' ears. They are very soft and seem to alleviate some of the ear discomfort that pups might experience. The are very costly for a pack of 25 wipes, so use sparingly.

Sharples Mirr 'a' Bloom

Royal Canin Feline Wet food Instinctive Chunks in JELLY.

My cats prefer jelly to gravy and I wish Royal Canin would bring out more JELLY options for wet cat food.
Thank you.

Bunnies are happy

I was buying Versele Laga Cuni Jr for my buns, but after their spays one just did not want to eat much of the Versele. After doing much research I decided on the Burgess Indoor and began to phase it in mixed with the Versele. Surprisingly they loved it almost from day 1, probably didn't even need to phase it in. Now I just have to bring out the bag and they will be happily running about impatiently waiting. I'm happy when they're happy.
The resealable zip lock bag is also great as I don't need to empty the contents into another container anymore.