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Deli Nature Down Under is based on the needs of all kinds of cockatoos (except the Galah and palm cockatoo). It’s a light mixture enriched with vetches and a high amount of smaller birdseeds like canary seed and millet seeds. The mixture is enriched with bird grit and extruded pellets for extra vitamins, amino-acids and trace-elements. Benefits A fruit rich,varied...

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R 259.00

Deli Nature Pantanal is a high quality mixture for all large macaw species, palm cockatoos and all other parrots/large parakeets which are in need of a fatty, heavy diet (e.g. Golden conure). This mixture contains black sunflower seed, large striped sunflower seed and white sunflower seed and a variety of 12% nuts (Brazil nuts, walnuts, cedar nuts, peeled peanuts). This...

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