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Water Care

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Tetra AlguMin rapidly combats all types of algae and effectively prevents new growth. The Ingredients in Tetra AlguMin are released immediately to ensure fast action and the liquid formula ensures optimum distribution of the active ingredient. Tetra AlguMin is suitable for use in all indoor freshwater aquariums (not for use in outdoor ponds). Apply 5ml Tetra AlguMin per 10 litres...

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Long Term care for biologically healthy water, reducing the number of water changes required.   The reliable stabilisation of the pH-value and the carbonate hardness value ensures chemical changes in the water quality are minimised, preventing sudden dangerous drops in acidity that can endanger the life of your fish. Reduces Phosphorus and Nitrate in a biological manner, preventing excessive algae...

R 152.00 - R 676.00

Creates a biologically active environment to allow the fast introduction of fish into a newly setup aquarium. Contains specially bred, living nitrifying bacteria that reduces harmful ammonia and nitrate in the tank. Reduces the ammonia content by up to fourteen fold and the nitrate content by up to tenfold. Can be used when setting up a new aquarium, as well...

R 46.00 - R 359.00

Tetra Aquasafe creates a safe, nature-like water for fish and plants. Tetra Aquasafe: Removes chlorine and chloramines Neutralises heavy metals Supports fish's protective mucus layers Adds Iodine, Magnesium, Vitamin B and other elements for health & vitality Tap water should always be treated before it is added to your aquarium, 5 ml of AquaSafe Aquarium Water Conditioner should be added...

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A general remedy that targets the most common fish disease. Targets white spot, skin and gill parasite, fin rot, fungal infections and also prevents secondary infection. Treatment for coldwater ornamental fish.  

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An effective and safe control for all tropical fish showing signs of parasite infection. For whitespot and other diseases caused by parasites, for all tropical fish showing signs of parasite infection, e.g. white spots, flicking, cloudy eyes, rapid gill movements, clamped fins, and thickened mucus. Application - Add 5ml per 20 litres (4.4 gallons) of aquarium water. Treatment should be...

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R 262.00

For permanent reduction of nitrate content and biocide-free algae control. Purely biological nitrate reduction, improving the water quality. Inhibits algae growth by removing their main source of nutrients Long-term reduction of the nitrate level to below 40 - 50 mg/l Easy to re-dose In liquid form

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Measures the Nitrate value precisely and reliably Suitable for all freshwater and marine aquariums.  For a large number of analysis Excellent long-term stability.

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Measures the Nitrite value precisely and reliably Suitable for all freshwater and marine aquariums. Excellent long-term stability.  

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Measures the pH level precisely and reliably  Suitable for all freshwater aquariums. Excellent long-term stability. For a large number of analysis

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Fast and easy testing of NH3/NH4+ How to use:  Dip test strip into the water. Remove strip after approx 5 seconds. Do not shake off excess liquid. Keep the strip in a horizontal position with test side up for 15-30 seconds. Compare test with scale of packaging.

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Aquasafe turns tap water into fish safe, nature-like aquarium water.  Harmful substances are immediately neutralized: Chlorine and Chloramine are eliminated and heavy metal are bound completely by a complexing agent. Essential elements, present in natural environment, are added. The optimised vitamin formula reduces stress and supports long lasting health. Gills and mucous membranes are protected by tangible colloid ingredients. Contains...

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CO2 Fertilizer for lush aquatic plants  Replacement bottle for Tetra CO2 Optimat Easy way of enriching the aquarium with CO2 Aquatic plants develop stronger and healthier. The optimum growth of plants lead to an increase in the water's oxygen content, which is important for the fish's well-being. Prevention of lime deposits on the leaves and glass panes. For aquariums containing...

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R 439.00

Practical complete CO2 set for lush, healthy aquatic plants.  Easy way to enrich the aquarium water with CO2. Plants develop stronger and healthier. The optimum growth of plants leads to an increase in the water's oxygen content, which is important for the fish's well-being. Prevention of lime deposits on the leaves and glass panes. Consists of 11g CO2 depot, 1...

R 298.00 - R 429.00

Ready-made base material concentrate with an effective long-term fertiliser.  For the lush, healthy growth of plants and reduced water contamination. Consists of high-quality mixture of sand with naturally high iron and micronutrient content as well as natural black peat with a high humic content. The grain size of the sand enables plants to take root quickly and make optimum use...

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Root fertilizer tablets for lush, healthy aquatic plants.  The plants absorb the nutrients through their roots. Contains iron and all important trace elements in a complex bound form. The fertilizer substances are readily available to the plants over a longer period of time. Is adapted to the special requirements of the aquarium substrate, therefore supporting the network of micro-organisms. Free...

R 86.00 - R 192.00

Iron, Potassium, Manganese and other essential trace elements provide a lush and healthy plant growth.  Strengthens plants by providing a long-term effective nutrient supply. Prevents yellow, glassy leaves. Promotes the formation of Chlorophyll, thus ensuring rich green leaves. Prevents Iron and Potassium deficiencies. Vigorous plant growth is the  best way to prevent algae growth. The nutrients found in the Plantamin...

R 258.00 - R 520.00

Effective and safe treatment against persistent blanketweed and other pond algae. Intensive treatment for frequently occurring algae types. AlgoFin targets and attacks the organism and metabolism of the algae, inhibiting their ability to photosynthesise. Effective in the pond for a period of 2-3 weeks. Prevents further algae growth. Safe for pond fish.