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BagsOnBoard Purse + 30 Bags

R 80.00

Bags on Board makes picking up after your dog a walk in the park.  The sturdy design makes for a dependable yet environmentally friendly tool for the most undesirable tasks.  Easy dispense opening releases just one bag at a time!  

Bags on Board Purse discretely dispenses pick-up bags, while providing storage for phone, I.D., or keys.  Can be worn around waist or across chest.

Bags on Board Purse comes with 2 rolls of bags (30ct total) and is available in Zebra Print or Turquoise Polka Dot patterns.  To use, place one roll of bags in the back compartment of the pouch.  Pull out a bag through the opening and release at the preforation.  To replace with a new roll of bags, just remove the empty spool and insert a new roll.

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