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OtoClean (Box of 18) - (D)

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Otoclean is a cleanser for the routine maintenance of ear hygiene, prevention of otitis and for instillation into the ear canal before the use of otitis externa treatment. Otoclean is suitable to us in cats and dogs.

Otoclean is effective in:

  • Breaks up and removes cerumen
  • Prevents and controls irritation
  • Controls the ear canal microflora (Malassezia)
  • Has a cleansing effect on the ear canal (dead cells, secretions)
  • Has an anti-pruritic effect
  • Has a moisturizing effect

Dosage and directions:

Apply Otoclean into each ear of the pet's ear canal in sufficient quantities. Large dog - 1 pipette into each ear. Medium/ small dog / cat - half a pipette into each ear.

Frequency of application depends on the reason for use:

Ear Hygiene / unpleasant odour - In animals which have a large collection of wax build up, an unpleasant smell is usually noticed coming from the ears.In this instance, apply Otoclean into each ear for 8 consecutive days or until complete cleanliness of the ear canal is obtained.

Otitis Prevention - Otoclean should be used routinely in breeds which are prone to developing Otitis as a consequence of the anatomy of the ear. One application in each ear on a weekly basis is recommended to maintain the external ear duct in optimal condition.

Before use of an otitis externa treatment - In animals with Otitis, the ear canal should be cleaned and all dirt, wax and secretions eliminated. Both ears should be treated with Otoclean and left for 30 minutes before applying a medical ear solution.


Salicyclic acid 0.23 % m/v. Lactic acid, oleic acid, Cucumis sativus, Cetraria islandica, Mimosa tenuiflora, Propylene glycol, glycerin, polyethylene glycol.

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