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Promectin Plus

R 146.00

Oatmeal palatable oral broad spectrum dewormer for roundworm, tapeworms and bots. Dose for 600kg horse.

Abamectin (3.7 mg/g)

Praziquantel (46.2 mg/g)

PROMECTIN® PLUS All wormer Paste for horses is a broad-spectrum roundworm, tapeworm and bot remedy for horses of all ages, including pregnant mares and breeding stallions. It is made with oatmeal to ensure palatability. PROMECTIN® PLUS has 100% efficacy against tapeworms and practically 100% against all roundworms. The contents of a syringe will treat 600kg bodyweight.   Composition: PROMECTIN® PLUS contains abamectin (3.7 mg/g) and praziquantel (46.2 mg/g).   

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