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Sprocket Green Tweed Water Resistant Jersey

R 150.00

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The Sprocket Green Tweed Water Resistant Jersey is ideal for keeping your dog warm and dry during the rainy season. The water resistant outer material allows for easy wiping off of dirt or mud your pooch might encounter while galavanting in the cooler weather, while keeping it classy with the sophisticated green tweed fleece lining.

 Sprocket Jerseys are designed with wider velcro strapping along the neck and tummy attachments, to ensure a more comfortable fit for your pooch and a more durable product.



This Product comes in 5 different sizes:

  • Size 3
  • Chest: 37 - 40cm
  • Back: 33 - 34cm
  • Ideal for Maltese Poodle / Terrier
  • Size 4
    • Chest: 43 - 47cm
    • Back: 35 - 36cm
    • Ideal for French Poodle/Jack Russel size
  • Size 6
    • Chest: 51 - 58cm
    • Back: 43cm
    • Ideal for Cocker Spaniel/Chow Chow size
  • Size 9
    • Chest: 67 - 72cm
    • Back: 60cm
    • Ideal for Boxer size dogs
  • Size 10
    • Chest: 71 - 74cm
    • Back: 56 - 60cm
    • Ideal for Labrador/Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs 

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