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VerseleLaga Rat Nature

R 146.00

Rat Nature is a complete feed adapted to the nutritional requirements of rats. This premium blend of natural components contains all the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids your pet needs to live a healthy and carefree life full of vitality. 

Rat Nature contains extra grains, seeds, nuts, fruit, herbs, vegetables and supplements to support health: for excellent digestion, good dental hygiene, a glossy coat and perfect health. The wide variation in ingredients guarantees great taste and consumption.

Directions for use
For a rat an average daily portion of approx. 15 g of feed is recommended. Provide fresh food and drinking water daily.


Analytical constituents
 Crude protein   17,5 
 Crude fat  
 Crude fibre  
 Crude ash  
 Calcium   0,60 
 Phosphorus   0,45 
 Lysine   0,81 
 Methionine   0,40 
 Vitamin A   12.000  IU/kg 
 Vitamin D3   1.500  IU/kg 
 Vitamin E   30  mg/kg 
 Copper-cupric(II)sulfat   mg/kg 

 Derivatives of vegetable origin      
 Vegetable protein extracts      

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