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Animalzone Parrot Fruit Chunks - 3kg Tub

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Please note that Animalzone is currently undergoing an update in product packaging. Packaging received may differ from the current pictures on our website.

Animalzone Parrot Fruit Chunks are a balanced and complete food for parrots containing dried fruit, resulting in a tasty food chunk with all the nutrients your parrot needs.

All grains are first cooked, thereafter milled, mixed with dried fruit and shaped with a cold process. All vitamins, amino acids, spirulina and anti-oxidants are not exposed to high temperatures, this increases digestibility even more than with extruded products.

The addition of dried fruit give Parrot Fruit Chunks a unique texture and smell and improve palatability. The chunks are made to a size the parrots like.

Includes roasted maize, roasted soybeans, dried fruit, raw cane sugar, spirulina and grape seeds.

Customer Reviews

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Donette B.
Animal zone fruit chunks 3kg tub

Product arrived in good condition. Less dust wastage than the other packaging.

Lionel B.
Animalzone fruit chunks

I have been using Animalzone fruit chunks for our Afican grey for many years with Animalzone muesli and plumage. Found our George will not eat anything else besides his fresh fruit and veg and nuts will never change his diet 🤗👍

Yvonne F.
Parrot fruit chunks

Absolutely 100% improvement by ordering 1 kg boxes versus the 3 kg tub.
Second time of ordering 1kg boxes instead of the 3 kg bucket and to date have found no worms as was the case with all the 3 kg buckets I used to order.
Very happy so far.

Clair H.

Animalzone Parrot Fruit Chunks

a p.k.

BEE OUR parrot absolutely loves ANIMALZONE PARROT FRUIT CHUNKS. He gets so excited when he see and hear the pack. He can't wait for the bowl to be placed in the cage and then it's 'dankie dankie dankie' and ooohee ooheee and 'hmmmm and hmmm..' meaning this is delicious and that he loves it. Thank you for stocking such great products for us!

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Animal zone fruit chunks 3kg tub

Product arrived in good condition. Less dust wastage than the other packaging.

Animalzone Parrot Plumage Enhancer

My African Greys favourite pellet

Westerman's Parrot Food Tropical Mix 5kg Container

We received the 5kg container and we usually don't get a lot of biscuits in the Tropical Mix but this time there was a lot of biscuits in the Tropical Mix and the parrots don't eat the round biscuits. We were surprised about the change in mix of Westermans bird food. I do hope they change back to the normal quality of their products.

Awesome product

I'm moving to a new house and specifically bought this cat door, as I have installed the exact same product more than 20 years ago at my current home and it is still in a fantastic condition - both functionally and esthetically.