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Budgie seed - 1kg Bag

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Finch Mix  or Finkmengsel   This mix contains millet, a great source of starch for small birds, and babala (also known as pearl millet).

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Ideal for birds with Calcium deficiency, broken or weak bones and birds actively laying eggs. This dietary supplement can also be used for older birds and/or for birds not on a balanced diet. This calcium supplement consists of a mixture of calcium and vitamins.    

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Garden Bird – 1kg For the Bird Lover’s Garden What would your beautiful garden be without playful birds to fill it with joyous energy and lively chatter? Entice your favourite feathered guests  to drop in for a visit with our carefully selected mix of garden bird seeds. The grains in our Garden Bird mix are subjected to a ‘deep clean’...

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This is a conmplete and balanced diet to give baby parrots and parakeets the best start in life. Containing all essential nutrients including probiotics, spirulina and digestive enzymes, all you need to do is add water. Nothing needs to be added to this formula. Ingredients: roasted maize, roasted soybeans, roasted peanuts, concentrated soy protein, sucrose, dextrose, spirulina, vitamin A supplement, vitamin...

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Animalzone Muesli is a complete and balanced food which provides variety to your birds diet. A balanced mix of grains, roasted peanuts, dried vegetables and dried fruit sticks keeps your bird healthy and happy. The pellets are cold pressed ensuring the essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, anti-oxidants, spirulina and probiotics are preserved. Ingredients: roasted maize, roasted soybeans, roasted peanuts, wheat bran,...

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Parrot Cereal is a  balanced diet that can be fed to all parrot species! Its soft texture is great for young and old birds alike and it is a fantastic food for weaning youngsters off their porridge. The Parrot Cereal consists of a balanced ratio of roasted soybeans, maize and peas. Pellets are added to provide all the essential vitamins,...

R 55.00 - R 519.00

Parrot Food Natural is the most natural balanced bird food available for parrots. All grains are first roasted, thereafter milled and shaped with a cold process thus ensuring all additives; vitamins, amino acids, spirulina, anti-oxidants, are not exposed to high temperatures. This increases digestibility even more than with extruded products.  Palatability is improved with the addition of dried vegetables and...

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Parrot Fruit Chunks are a balanced and complete food for parrots containing dried fruit, resulting in a tasty food chunk with all the nutrients your parrot needs. All grains are first cooked, thereafter milled, mixed with dried fruit and shaped with a cold process. All vitamins, amino acids, spirulina and anti-oxidants are not exposed to high temperatures, this increases digestibility...

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Parrot Food Plumage Enhancer is a balanced diet containing palm fruit extract. This diet is recommended for feather pluckers and parrots with poor feather quality due to the added palm fruit extract which is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin E. Palm fruit extract improves feather growth, brighter colouration, less dryness of the skin and less feather dust. All grains are...

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Rabbit Food contains a variety of compressed pellets and roasted and rolled grains to form a balanced diet to keep your furry friend in great shape.  Some of the pellets contain a mixture of lucern and roasted grains and some pellets contain a mixture of roasted grains and dried vegetables.  All the pellets contain the necessary vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and...

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Soft food is a balanced wet food that is suitable for baby birds or birds with beak problems. A balanced ratio of roasted grains and dried vegetables are grinded and mixed with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, anti-oxidants, spirulina and probiotics. This diet is ideal for an aviary with mixed types of birds. Ingredients: roasted maize, roasted soybeans, roasted peanuts, vegetables,...

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A unique combination of vitamins, electrolytes, probiotics and digestive enzymes which help your parrot to keep calm during stressful situations. Also aids in enhancing your birds mood and helps to boost appetite. This supplement should be used in situations when your bird is under stress e.g visiting the vet, temperature fluctuations (excessive heat/cold), transport or when the owner goes on...

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For Bird Watchers and Outdoor Enthusiasts Lure wild bird species to nibble on our selection of delicious natural seeds and enjoy observing these beautiful creatures up close. Ideal for picnic spots, dams and open spaces where a great diversity of birds roam freely. The seeds in our Wild Bird mix are subjected to a ‘deep clean’ process, resulting in a...

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Avert is an extremely bitter liquid that discourages pets from chewing, licking and biting wounds, bandages, pulling out stitches and chewing on household objects. The extremely unpleasant and bitter nature of Avert will discourage most animals from attempting to lick surfaces treated with the product. Can also be used on birds to discourage feather-plucking. The product is non-toxic and safe...

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Bird feeder or water bowl with metal hooks to attach to a cage.

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Interactive bird toy to keep your bird entertained.