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Iams Cat Food

R 180.00 - R 993.00

Keep your cats at their best with IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult Indoor Weight & Hairball Care Dry Cat Food with Chicken & Turkey—a chicken-first recipe designed to help reduce hairballs before they start, and to help your indoor cat maintain a healthy weight. Formulated with l-carnitine to help your overweight cat slowly and healthily shed extra weight, this cat kibble...

R 179.00 - R 1,356.00

PLEASE NOTE THAT IAMS MULTICAT WITH CHICKEN AND SALMON HAS BEEN RENAMED TO IAMS ADULT WITH CHICKEN AND SALMON.IAMS® ProActive Health™ Multi-Cat Complete with Salmon & Chicken cat food is designed for the different nutritional needs of multiple cats with a customized formula to keep your cats at their best and give them the exciting flavors of chicken and salmon...

R 179.00 - R 1,356.00

IAMS™ Healthy Adult With Chicken supports overall health with delicious chicken your cat loves. Real chicken is the 1st ingredient Helps maintain strong, lean muscle 100% complete & balanced adult nutrition, 0% fillers Veterinarian recommended Benefits Strong muscles: Real chicken as the 1st ingredient helps maintain strong muscles. Healthy heart: Essential nutrients, including calcium & potassium, help nourish a healthy...

R 179.00 - R 1,397.00

PLEASE NOTE THAT IAMS ADULT OCEAN FISH HAS BEEN RENAMED TO IAMS ADULT TUNA & SALMON IAMS ProActive Health Healthy Adult with Ocean Fish cat food supports strong muscles and a healthy heart with the natural protein and tasty flavor of fish your cat wants. Product Overview Strong muscles: Real fish as the 1st ingredient helps maintain strong muscles. Healthy...

R 179.00 - R 993.00

PLEASE NOTE: Iams Kitten Food with Chicken has become Iams Mother & Kitten Food with Chicken. This change brings with it new packaging and a new formula.  IAMS Healthy Kitten nourishes development for a heart-warming year of feline firsts. Real chicken is the 1st ingredient With nutrients like those in mother's milk 100% complete & balanced kitten nutrition, 0% fillers...

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Really impressive product!

We have tried a number of muzzles on our 55kg pitbull and his big head and snout have never fit as properly as the Baskerville Muzzle. Fitting chart was extremely accurate!

Nookie bag

Very happy.

My dogs favorite treat

One of my dog has sensitive tummy but this treat gives fun chewing time, great taste and good for digestion to all of my dogs. It’s their all time favorite!

Bayopet dip

I have used this once a month for the past 30+ years on all my dogs. Keeps them free of ticks and fleas and does not harm them the way the pills do, which are poison.

Aqua-Plus Koi Pellets No. 3