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Canary Food

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R 183.00

The canaries are known for their beauty and their different colours and of course their singing, but, only the males will give you that sweet singing whereas the females would rather chirp.  The canaries can be kept with at least one other canary, preferable more, but do not house the male Canaries together. Versele Laga Prestige Premium Canary food will...

R 340.00 - R 350.00

Roudybush Daily Maintenance Bird Food is scientifically formulated for the care of healthy adult birds. All natural, high-quality ingredients work together to build a diet specifically formulated with the nutrition your bird requires. This comprehensive formula doesn’t have any artificial colours, flavours or animal by-products and doesn’t require any additional vitamin or mineral supplements for a complete meal. This recipe...

R 38.00 - R 315.00

A seed mix specially formulated for Canary birds

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