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Small Pet Toys & Habitat Accessories

R 155.00 - R 285.00

An edible bed for your best friend! Small herbivores of all shapes and sizes love Oxbow's Timothy club Mat. Like all Timothy club items, the Timothy mat is hand-woven using only 100% premium Timothy hay. The Mat makes an ideal place for your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla to rest and relax throughout the day. And, he can eat it, too! Suitable for: Rabbits, Guinea...

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Made from edible and non-toxic ingredients with food colouring. Helps keep teeth clean & trim.

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R 415.00

From hideaway to enriching play, the Timothy CLUB Tunnel is the perfect accessory for your small pet. Rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and every species in between will love this hand-woven, 100% edible accessory. Add various woven hay accessories throughout your small pet’s habitat to provide security, enrichment, and even additional nutrition! Suitable for: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils and Hamsters, Rats and...

R 200.00 - R 520.00

This Rosewood 100% natural seagrass tunnel is made with no glue or wire, so can be safely chewed or get wet, providing greater longevity over cardboard equivalents. The small has additional peep holes, so is perfect for filling with hay and using as a chew toy. The medium is suitable for smaller pets such as guinea pigs, but bunnies like...

R 130.00 - R 305.00

A hamster’s natural instinct is to run daily and so a wheel is the ideal addition to any hamster’s cage. The wire hamster training wheel can stand alone or be clipped onto the hamster cage. Hamster wheels can help keep your hamster fit and healthy. The wheel is made from wire, ensuring it won’t get damaged if the hamster chews...

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Hang 'n' Hammock - Deluxe double-fleeced 'hammock' provides a warm, cosy and comfortable sleeping place for your small animal. Size: 35.5cm x 35.5cm (14" x 14"). Fits inside any wire cage. Safe for pets (foam free filling). Hanging design keeps pets clean and comfortable. Durable nylon straps and clips. Promotes a sense of safety and security. Combination of poly lambs...

R 629.00 - R 829.00

An edible, enriching getaway for your small pet. All small pets need a place to relax and get away from the stress of being a prey species. Our Timothy CLUB Bungalow provides the perfect place for your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla to hide away throughout the day. Every Timothy CLUB is hand-woven from nothing but premium Timothy hay. 100%...

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R 170.00

The Rosewood Carrot Toy ‘n’ Treat Holder is a boredom breaker to bring fun and games to your rabbits and small animals home. Made with pet safe wood this is a fun puzzle toy for all to enjoy. By placing the Carrot Toy ‘n’ Treat Holder up high your rabbits and other small animals will have to stretch while they...

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R 240.00

The Wooden Rodent Hayrack keeps your rodents hay dry and clean.   Size: 24 x 13,5 cm

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R 350.00

Easy to assemble with panels that slide together and routing in labyrinth is adjustable. Size: 23 x 17 x 10 cm

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R 199.00

The perfect accessory for small pets! The 100% hand-woven, 100% hay Timothy Hideout is the ideal size for smaller pets such as hamsters and gerbils to hide, burrow, and nest in. Stuff with hay or healthy treats to encourage hamster and gerbil burrowing, or use as a hay manger for larger pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. 100% natural...

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R 130.00

Pet Inn Natural Toy accessories is designed for rodents, are made of natural wood, are durable and pleasing to the eye. These multi-functional toys can be used as a tunnel, a bridge or as a climber, offering the opportunities to explore, hide, climb and chew.This is a great way to promote exercise and interactive fun for hamsters, mice and rats....

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This zinc plated pen will allow you to give your little friend some walking space, while they enjoy the outdoors, and cannot run away. Easy to assemble, using supplied pins, and has a door, making it easy to access. Floor mat not included but can be bought separately. Size: Ø 105 cm

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R 160.00

Grape 'n' Gnaw is a fantastic gnaw toy for rabbits and guinea pigs which even allows treats to be placed between the wooden ‘grapes’ to create a great, boredom breaking challenge. This products is also great with pet birds.

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R 400.00

Climb 'n' Ladder with Hammock is a brilliant new exercise toy for your small animal by Sharples 'n' Grant. Made from natural wood and rope, this toy is the perfect way to promote exercise and will provide hours of excellent entertainment and amusement. Attaches very simply to the top of yor small animals cage via the in-built hanging clasps. 20...

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R 775.00

This Beeztees Running Wheel is made from wood and has a cork surface for extra grip and soft on little feet. This running wheel is sturdy and super silent. Has a wide foot for stability Boasts a cork running surface for a better grip Flaunts an extra silent bearing to prevent the wheel from making a squeaking noise Made of...

R 220.00 - R 690.00

Easy to assemble with panels that slide together.   Dimensions Small: 17 x 12 x 11 cm Medium: 28 x 20 x 18 cm Large: 42 x 29 x 25 cm

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R 440.00

Lounging Logs for small pets provide the ultimate multi-functional toy! The Lounging Logs are made with a natural, non toxic and 100% safe wood for pets to nibble on. They're flexible and can be used as a tunnel, a bridge or as a climber, offering the opportunities to explore, hide, climb and chew! Suitable for all small pets such as...

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