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Ultrum Duration Environment Spray

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Environmental control of fleas for up to 6 months - treatment of 20 square meters per can

If you see 5 fleas on your dog, you can be sure there are at least 95 fleas and their eggs hiding in the pet's bedding, in your carpets and in your furniture. And when you treat your dog for fleas, remember that the flea eggs in your household will hatch and infest him again. ULTRUM® Duration clears flea infestations: just spray pet's bedding, carpets, furniture, floor-cracks etc with ultra-long-acting ULTRUM® Duration. This aerosol spray acts for up to 6 months, killing fleas and preventing eggs from hatching. ULTRUM® Duration is safe to use and doesn't stain fabrics or damage furniture.


Contains permethrin, es-bioallethrin and pyriproxifen


Shake the can before use. Hold can approximately 50cm away from area to be sprayed, inverted with nozzle pointing towards area being treated. Spray until slightly wet and allow to dry naturally before any animals or people come back into the environment. (The product contains an alcohol base and will dry quickly). Treat bedding, kennels and all areas where pet spends most time. Spray on carpets and rugs and especially under furniture. Coverage: approximately 15-20m2 per can, depending on type of surface.



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I’m quite impressed. Certainly took the edge off my super super nervous horse. Helps his body and mind to be calmer and not so jumpy. Could not imagine my boy without it.

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Wonderful product and service

I have to say that my orders came on the next day I placed them.Some companies take so long sometimes a few weeks for a small order and I have to say that Pet Plus is unique.The service is so fast and reliable.I am grateful and I will keep ordering in the future.
Cecilia Worley

wonderful service

thank you so much for your wonderful service
your quick to deliver & send a reminder
you are reliable & always have stock

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My 11 rescued dogs certainly had a treat when I gave them Field & Forest's Turkey & Duck kibble! You no doubt heard the sound of many wagging tails wherever you are.