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R 1,220.00

Provides your cat with a continuous indoor source of fresh-tasting, cool, filtered water that encourages yourpet to drink more water. Features 2L water capacity: eliminates the need for daily refilling Easy to clean and maintain Replaceable Foam/Carbon Filter: collects food, hair and debris; also helps to reduce bad tastes, odors, and absorbs impurities present in tap water Re-circulating water flow:...

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R 335.00

Replacement Filters for Catit 2ltr Fountain

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R 360.00

  Replacement Carbon Filter for Catit Design Cat Drinking Fountain. Filters help to collect debris, food, hair and sediment. The activated carbon helps absorb water impurities, ensuring your cat or dog is drinking fresh and clean water.

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R 1,400.00

Over the years, the original (green) Catit Flower Fountain has only gained in popularity, not just because of its looks, but for the solutions it offers. It’s designed to push only filtered water to the surface, which means your cat is exclusively drinking clean, running water, rather than the dirty water they’d get from regular bowls. Thanks to the handy...

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R 1,465.00

The LED Flower Fountain is instantly recognisable by its striking blue top, which was especially designed to retain water. The fountain is also equipped with all original Flower Fountain features, such as the large, yet compact water reservoir and option to switch between 3 water flow settings that stimulate cats to drink. Measurements and WeightMeasurements: 8.3 x 8.3 x 7.3...

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R 1,050.00

Cute and back to basicsDespite its 1.5 L (50.7 fl oz) capacity, the Catit Mini Flower Fountain offers key features: 3 drinking options and triple action filtration. Easy to disassembleThanks to the limited amount of parts, the Catit Mini Flower Fountain is quite easy to take apart for cleaning. Measurements and WeightMeasurements: 7 x 7 x 4.7 in / 18...

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Catit water drinking fountain replacement cartridges for

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R 438.00

Play centre for cats and kittens

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Supersize your cat’s playtime!   62 cm (24”) longer than the original Super Roller Circuit and enables 100+ layouts! Full Senses 2.0 and backwards compatibility No need to track down stray balls around the house Easy to assemble and clean Made of BPA-free materials

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R 681.00

Catit Design Senses Comfort Zone is excellent for stimulating and pampering cats of all ages. The Catit Comfort Zone provides a cozy place for cats to relax on during hot days or to help relieve arthritic pain. Equipped with multi-purpose massager the Comfort Zone provides intense rubbing pleasure to the head, neck, and face.

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Xolo and Spice loves Montego .... they are 'in love with their wet food and treats!! We discovered it at the Nampo show and it's just paw love from that moment onwards.
Thank you for a great product.

King Kong

My boy loves his Kong!
He is a 9kg Yorkie. I bought a large size for him and he is over the moon. Small is too small for him. Medium would also be a good size though.



Efficiency and great product! (Mera Cat Classic Adult)

I received my order in less than 48 hours and delivery was free! Hassle free and user friendly site.Such a relief to be able to order food for my babies without any trouble! Really makes life wayyy easier. 10/10 recommend and my cats love it!

Marlton Wild Bird Seed Feeder

I tried this feeder because we have cats so I want to keep the birds safe while providing food. The birds love it! It only took 2 days before I had to fill the feeder again!