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Hound Sleeper Original Replacement Cover

R 449.00

Replacement covers for your Original Hound Sleeper Bed. These are ideal to have as a second canvass in cases where there may be wear and tear on the bed canvass over time or if you just want a spare canvass to have around should the other one need to come off to dry or be cleaned.


Replacement Covers XLarge: 1300 x 900mm

Replacement Covers Large: 1120 x 810mm

Replacement Covers Medium: 810 x 810mm


Keeping the bed clean:

Simply beat the excess dirt off the canvass and then place the bed up against a wall. Scrub the canvass with a soft bristled floor brush and a non residue leaving cleaning agent - Disinfectants can be added to the water (stick to tim, temperature and contact time rules). Hose off well with hosepipe and leave in sun to dry.


Getting dogs used to the bed: Most dogs do not have a problem adapting to the raised bed if their normal sleepign blanket is placed on the bed.


Weight guidelines:

Manufacturers guideline - the bed is structurally sound: its strong frame and durable double layer fabric can comfortably carry the weight of dogs in excess of 70 kilograms.

Scratching of the fabric can be discouraged with the use of repellant products. 

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