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  • October 04, 2022
  • Kelly Muller

Choosing A Pet Door For Your Dog

A doggy door is the ideal way to give your furry friend the freedom to get into the house or out to the garden as they need. Dogs need the outdoors not only for their loo trips, but for mental stimulation and exercise. Having easy access is vital to their well-being, and because our pets are part of the family,...

  • August 30, 2022
  • Kelly Muller

All About Litter

Though many cats roam outdoors and can relieve themselves there, it’s vital to have litter trays available for our furry friends when they are indoors. Whether you have one kitty or a multi-cat household, we recommend having one tray per cat, plus an additional one as this helps encourage free, regular bowel movements, preventing some problems down the line.  What...

  • August 09, 2022
  • Kelly Muller

Choosing A Door For Your Cat

A pet door is a convenient way to allow your cat the liberty to come and go as they please, making sure you don’t spend all your time playing doorman.  Providing them with a cat flap will give them access to the great outdoors for toilet trips, exercise, and mental stimulation, all of which are necessary for a happy, healthy...

  • July 27, 2022
  • Kelly Muller

House Training Key Tips

Getting your pup to ‘go’ where you need them to can be a mammoth task, but we have some tips that may help! This task can take several weeks. You should have realistic expectations. Mentally prepare for accidents/setbacks. Provide constant supervision, especially at first. Leashing the dog to yourself is an excellent way to keep track of the times they...

  • July 12, 2022
  • Kelly Muller

The Correct Way to Switch Foods

Are you thinking of changing your pet’s food? There are many reasons to do so, from appeasing fussy eaters, or having to go onto a specific diet to aid your fur friend, to changing up proteins and flavours so that their gut is more used to different food items. Regardless of the reason behind the change, this change should be...

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Really impressive product!

We have tried a number of muzzles on our 55kg pitbull and his big head and snout have never fit as properly as the Baskerville Muzzle. Fitting chart was extremely accurate!

Nookie bag

Very happy.

My dogs favorite treat

One of my dog has sensitive tummy but this treat gives fun chewing time, great taste and good for digestion to all of my dogs. It’s their all time favorite!

Bayopet dip

I have used this once a month for the past 30+ years on all my dogs. Keeps them free of ticks and fleas and does not harm them the way the pills do, which are poison.

Aqua-Plus Koi Pellets No. 3