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  • December 17, 2021
  • Kate Phillips

The 12 Dangers of Christmas

Keep your pets safe this Christmas by avoiding the following things this festive season: 🐾 Decorations - make sure they're out of reach of curious kitties and playful dogs. They can get tangled or ingest something they shouldn't.🐾 String - whether hanging things or wrapped around the turkey, string can be a serious hazard if ingested.🐾 Poisonous plants - poinsettias,...

  • December 13, 2021
  • Kate Phillips

What's the scoop with litter boxes?

The do's and don'ts for your kitty loos.Did you know that the basic rule for how many litter boxes you should have is one extra litter box location than you have cats?That means if you have two cats, you should have at least three litter boxes, all in different locations! This is because most cats prefer to urinate in one...

  • December 13, 2021
  • Kate Phillips

Deworming, how often should it be done?

We know deworming is important, but how often should it be done?All pets need to be dewormed with a broad-spectrum dewormer regularly, even indoor pets that don't interact with other animals. Your pet should be dewormed every one to three months.Puppies and kittens: Recommended at 6, 8, 10, 12 weeks and then monthly until 6 months old.Mostly indoor: At least...

  • November 25, 2021
  • Craig Haupt

Black Friday 2021

TERMS & CONDITIONS Discounted pricing available from 26th November 2021 till Sunday 28th November 2021 or while stocks last. Only the specified brands will be discounted. These are Chuckit, Company of Animals, Dr Elseys, Flexi, Mikki, Nylabone, Planet Dog, Ruffwear, West Paw, Yeowww, Kit Cat. (Discount is automatically applied at checkout and no additional discounts/vouchers will be applicable on items...

  • July 04, 2021
  • Lara Robertson

Winter Pet Care Tips

In some parts of the country winter means below freezing temperatures, icy wind and sometimes even snow. For other parts, it means cold, wet and muddy conditions. But what does winter mean for pet owners? Many are under the misconception that due to your four-legged friends having a permanent furry coat, they can tolerate the cold better than their human’s....

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Cat's Best Original
Chantelle C.
Great cat litter

Great product, clumps well so it is easy to clean the litterboxes, and it lasts long. My cats seem to prefer it to any other litter. I like how it is a natural product, not like the other toxic chemical litter. It is also reasonably priced and I love that you can get a bag from 2kg's- 17 kg's.

How cute and truthful 🥰

Excellent quality! Thanks

Kit Cat Purr Puree Plus + Collagen Care

My cats love the tuna flavor! I've also recently purchased the other focused pack flavors (Hydration and urinary care) and they really enjoy it. At one point I thought there was catnip in it simply because of their excitement to eat it. Thank you!

Always super fast!

Kitties love love this brand! This has helped our Olive slim down in a healthy way.

Animalzone Range

I Just love the Animalzone Range for Parrots , I am from Secunda (Mpumalanga) and need to order this from you guys , my birds are healthy and happy on these range of feeds