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Petstages Orka Flyer Large

R 340.00

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A great frisbee-style flying dog toy from PetStages: it floats, great for catch and fetch games, non-toxic, durable and loads of fun.




ORKA- Clearly a better chew toy


Designed for dogs that love to chew, Petstages® is proud to introduce ORKA chew toys. These unique toys are made of a durable non-toxic, synthetic rubber. By providing a dog with an appropriate chew object, owners can help reduce a dog's boredom and destructive behaviour.




ORKA Flyer for medium and large breed dogs:


ORKA material is tough in performance, but easy on dog's mouth,

Fun shape for hours of fun fetch,

Easy to grip and toss,

Thick rim for added durability.

The perfect way to interact with your pet!

Size: 11 x 1.2 x 9 inches


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Adolf V.

A bit heavy, but very tough, though its not easy for a dog to pick it up off the ground due to round sides

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Hill's Feline Sterilised Cat Adult

I think it is the best for the sterilised adult cats..My opinion, I read a lot of negative reviews from pellets. I dont really like the pellets idea, scared that it might cause liver problems later on..I prefer 100% organic and raw food. What did our animals eat before pellets many years ago?
What do you think?

It is doing it’s job!

Long story short.
Sent my doggie to live with my dad for company.
He put the collar on, says there were no instructions, but pressed the button and it worked.
The collar itself seems to loosen after a while, so dad stapled it so they it does not come off. I am not sure what the issue is.
Sometimes I can hear the beep when she barks once and then stops. I am not sure when the vibration setting comes into play. Maybe the company can reply.
Giving this collar 5 stars because
1: The dog barks much less.
2. It has no prongs and it does not shock.
Thank you, life is much easier now.

Not silent

Whistle is not silent to humans and can be heard by everyone.

Awesome mat !

My collie who is a fan of the floor (trimmed or not) finally took to a mat - thanks guys for the quick delivery !!