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Yap Tuna Meowzers 50g

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Cats enjoy treats just as much as dogs do, even if they’re not as likely to “sit” or “shake” to get one. Treats are a great way to bond with your cat, entice them into a carrier, or distract them during a grooming session.

The best cat treats fit into a healthy feline diet, are heavy on protein, and skip unnecessary fillers like corn, wheat, sugar, or extra sodium. Our Meowzers fit the brief perfectly.


Key Benefits:

Full of Omega Fatty Acids great for skin, joints and healthy coats and cardiovascular health.

Small hand chopped pieces of soft and tender dried Tuna, great for chewing and allows for individual feeding. They can also be used as a food topper.

Handmade selecting only the best pure tuna.

100% Sustainably sourced fish

Contains zero artificial flavours, colourants, corn, wheat, or soy.

Our Premium recipe comprises of only natural ingredients. 



100% Yellowfin Tuna

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