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Royal Canin System Outage

(This issue has largely been resolved - Please see updates at the bottom)

Please be aware that Royal Canin are currently experiencing a nationwide system outage (Phone lines, internet connectivity and all IT systems).

As such, deliveries from Royal Canin have been severely affected, impacting our ability to provide stock to clients both in-store and online.

We will continue to operate from our stock-holding across our stores and warehouses, but cannot rely on replenishment from Royal Canin until their issues have been resolved.

As such, all Royal Canin is being sold on an "in stock only" model and your desired products may now be listed as "Out of stock".

Once they have resolved their issues and we can be assured of consistent supply, we will re-instate our regular operation.

We apologise for any inconvenience in this regard and thank you for your understanding.

UPDATE 2017-07-29, 14:00: The issues that Royal Canin have been experiencing have largely been resolved and deliveries have returned to relative normality.

There may still be continuing issues of stock availability due to the disruption the outage caused in production and delivery schedules from the overseas manufacturing facilities, so we can expect "out of stocks" in certain lines for the foreseeable future.

Please bear with us while we manage the situation. We will do our best to list products as out of stock on the website to prevent disappointment after ordering, but the data may not always be accurate due to fluctuating stock levels between our various stores. 

UPDATE 2017-06-30, 14:00: We have been updated that this is a Global Royal Canin System outage affecting their sales worldwide. A statement from them concerning this follows:

Dear Client,

ROYAL CANIN® has been globally impacted by the recent IT attack that has affected a number of companies and organizations around the world. In order to safeguard our commitment to high quality, we took the precautionary decision to shut down our production globally.

Whilst we are gradually restoring our services, we sincerely apologize for any shortages of your favorite ROYAL CANIN® products that you might face.

While not only "production", they have also ceased supply entirely around the world. As a result of this, we have taken the decision to cease sales of Royal Canin through our website as we are unable to guarantee stock levels.

We apologise for this state of affairs and will mark all products for sale once again when Royal Canin resolve their issues.

  • June 29, 2017
  • Jonathan Smit
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