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Your animals will love eating CHIPSI SUNSHINE meadow hay. CHIPSI SUNSHINE meadow hay contains all the vitamins and minerals that your pet needs to stay healthy and fit. This means that you are giving your rodents and small animals a healthy and balanced diet, as well as ensuring that their digestion functions in the best possible way. Moreover, CHIPSI SUNSHINE...

R 75.00 - R 270.00

Please note that colour and designs are randomly supplied. Please contact our online team by sending an email to if you want a specific colour/design for them to assist in advising what is available. Pictures displayed are examples of previous jerseys and these designs may no longer be available.  General guide to dog breeds and suitable sizes for each breed:...

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CHIPSI SUNSHINE TIMOTHY HAY is a valuable plant food made from the finest meadow-rich grass with a high biodiversity. Due to the particularly strong stalk structure, the necessary tooth abrasion is promoted in rodents and small animals.The high raw fibre content not only tastes delicious, but supports digestion and metabolism with valuable fibre. Balanced calcium-phosphorous ratio ensure that bones and...

R 35.00 - R 49.00

Scrumptious wet food for cats made with the Wonder fish Tilapia in gravy.  It is completely free of MSG, antibiotics, grain and GMO.  Full of the scientifically right nutrition for cats. Grain, preservatives, GMO and carrageenan free. This healthy and delicious wet food can be used as a treat or as a meal in itself. They can also be used...

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Do you know that in order to keep your rabbit’s teeth and tummies healthy they need to eat their own body weight in hay every day? That’s a lot of grass and hay so it needs to be good! Bedding hay is good to sleep on but lacks the nutritional values of feeding hay. Burgess Excel Long Stem Feeding Hay...

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R 28.00

Our Beef Drumsticks are amazing boredom buster chews. They are 100% beef protein. Benefits A single protein High in protein (including elastin proteins and collagen) A natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin Helps curb boredom and encourages the release of endorphins which help to naturally sooth and calm Helps in the development of strong jaw muscles help clean teeth  ...

R 35.00 - R 49.00

Tantalising wet food for cats made with free range chicken in a delicious gravy. No antibiotics, preservatives or hormones. Made with 100% natural ingredients that are guaranteed to be GMO and Carrageenan free.  This healthy and delicious wet food can be used as a treat or as a meal in itself. They can also be used to compliment Orijen’s dry...

R 210.00 - R 1,100.00

A delicious, complementary food for adult rabbits that’s high in fibre and rich in nutrients. Excel Tasty Nuggets prevent selective feeding where the rabbit picks out the sweet high sugar elements of the diet and leaves the nutritious and fibre rich elements. Naturally high in Beneficial Fibre (39%) Features Prevents selective feeding Contains a natural prebiotic for digestive health Fortified...

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R 35.00

Delicious free range chicken in tasty pumpkin soup. Made with all natural ingredients. Grain, Starch, GMO, Preservatives and Carrageenan free. Optimal nutrition for cats. This healthy and delicious wet food can be used as a treat or as a meal in itself. They can also be used to compliment Orijen’s dry foods. Ingredients Water Sufficient For Processing, Chicken, Pumpkin, Tapioca...

R 165.00 - R 380.00

Only Carefresh Paper Bedding is made from scratch with pillowy soft, ultra absorbent comfyfluff designed specifically for small pets. Made from 100% reclaimed natural fiber, it provides your small pet a cozy, natural home that is better for your small pets, your home and the planet. Perfect for hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets. Features Carefresh complete...

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Hills Science Diet Adult Healthy Cuisine Roasted Chicken & Rice Medley consists of delicious flavours of roasted chicken and rice in an appetising sauce.  This stew is designed for adult cats by Hills Nutrition Experts with the aim of providing optimal nutrition for your cat. No artificial flavours or preservatives.   Ingredients Chicken Broth, Chicken, Pork Liver, Carrots, Rice, Spinach,...

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R 23.00

Royal Canin Feline Wet Food Intense Beauty Pouch (Single)

R 42.00 - R 65.00

Delicious wet food for the most pickiest of cats.  Made with grass fed beef combined with sweet potatoes and pumpkin.  Free from grain, MSG, carrageenan and GMO.  This healthy and delicious wet food can be used as a treat or as a meal in itself. They can also be used to compliment Orijen’s dry foods.   Ingredients:    Water Sufficient...

R 35.00 - R 49.00

Tasty and nutritious wet food for cats made with Grilled Red Bigeye in Aspic. Made with 100% Natural ingredients without any MSG, starch, grain or GMO. Optimum nutrition for cats.  This healthy and delicious wet food can be used as a treat or as a meal in itself. They can also be used to compliment Orijen’s dry foods.   Ingredients:...

R 21.00 - R 182.00

Seed mix specially formulated all Wild birds.   Available in various different sizes.

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R 32.00

Treat your cat or kitten to a soft and savoury stick made with real meat for a taste that your cats will love.   Feeding recomendations: Feeding anytime as a treat or snack Kittens (4 months and older) Half a stick to 1 full stick Adult cats 1-2 sticks per day (depending on the size and activity of your cat)...

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Sweet smelling imported Timothy Hay with Dandelion and Marigold that’s high in Beneficial Fibre. Timothy Hay is an excellent source of good quality, long fibre. Features  100% natural ingredients High in Beneficial Fibre (63%) High in Crude Fibre (35%) Dandelion aids urinary tract health Marigold helps build a healthy immune system Barn dried and dust extracted to prevent respiratory problems...

R 68.00

Clean Teeth and a fresher Breath   Cleaning your cat’s teeth has never been easier or more delicious with Kit Cat Breath Bites. Kit Cat Breath Bites are bursting with tasty flavours your cat will love. These minty flavoured crunchy treats are specially designed to help keep your cat’s teeth clean by reducing plaque and tartar when fed daily.  ...

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Royal Canin Feline Wet Food Instinctive Chunks In Jelly Pouch

My cat only eats jelly . I wish Royal Canin would bring out more JELLY options for wet cat food.

Excellent service

Grain free is best!

I have two cats older than 10 years. They’re still fit and healthy, but the one cat tends to vomit quite often. I switched to grain free with great results. Both cats love the taste and no vomiting! They are both happy and in great condition. The Optimal Balance Senior (which is cheaper!) didn’t have the same effect with the ‘vomiting’ cat, so I switched back to Grain free.
I’m also really impressed with the service of Pet Plus. Very quick, very efficient and good prices.

Yummy dental sticks!

Great product - our dogs just love veggie dental sticks as a treat!


Its an excellent fit and I am very happy with it thank you very much.