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Royal Canin Feline Wet Food Instinctive 7+ Pouch (Single)

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Royal Canin Breed Specific Wet Cat Food - Feline Maine Coon Wet Pouches - Single Pouch Complete feed for cats - Specially for adult Maine Coon cats - Over 15 months old (thin slices in gravy). Benefits Bone & joint healthHelps maintain the healthy bones and joints of this largest cat. Adapted textureAdapted texture Concentrated energyHigh concentrated energy formula. Healthy...

R 112.00 - R 827.00

Naturally balanced premium nutrition with added essential vitamins & minerals for a complete meal. Free from soya, artificial colours & flavours Puppies grow at different rates. While smaller breeds can reach adulthood in as little as nine months, giant breeds may continue to grow for up to two years. To get the most out of their diet, puppies must eat...

R 85.00 - R 270.00

Please note that colour and designs are randomly supplied. Please contact our online team by sending an email to if you want a specific colour/design for them to assist in advising what is available. Pictures displayed are examples of previous jerseys and these designs may no longer be available.  General guide to dog breeds and suitable sizes for each breed:...

R 42.00 - R 59.00

Tasty and nutritious wet food for cats made with Grilled Red Bigeye in Aspic. Made with 100% Natural ingredients without any MSG, starch, grain or GMO. Optimum nutrition for cats.  This healthy and delicious wet food can be used as a treat or as a meal in itself. They can also be used to compliment Orijen’s dry foods.   Ingredients:...

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R 32.00

Our Beef Drumsticks are amazing boredom buster chews. They are 100% beef protein. Benefits A single protein High in protein (including elastin proteins and collagen) A natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin Helps curb boredom and encourages the release of endorphins which help to naturally sooth and calm Helps in the development of strong jaw muscles help clean teeth  ...

R 42.00 - R 59.00

Delicious wet food for cats packed full of Omega – 3. Made with Mackerel and Grilled Skipjack in Aspic. To give your cat all the nutrition it needs without any grain, hormones, antibiotics or preservatives. This healthy and delicious wet food can be used as a treat or as a meal in itself. They can also be used to compliment...

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R 9.00

  Montego Classic Cat Wet Food Pouches - Adult Cat - Atlantic Salmon in Jelly 85g pouch

R 75.00 - R 139.00

Appetizing wet food for dogs made with Beef, Pumpkin as well as Sweet Potatoes in a juicy gravy.  To tempt even the most discerning of dogs.  Only natural ingredients are used with no grain, preservatives, GMO, hormones or antibiotics. This healthy and delicious wet food can be used as a treat or as a meal in itself. They can also...

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R 149.00

Equimax is a broad-spectrum parasiticide for horses provides effective control for all major worms of horses. Equimax is administered orally by means of a disposable syringe at a dose rate of 200 μg of ivermectin and 1,5 mg of praziquantel per kg of body mass (1,07 g of oral paste per 100 kg body weight). Each mass marking on the...

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R 220.00

Barrier Medicated Shampoo is a routine shampoo for cats, dogs and horses and can also be used for the treatment of acute superficial pyoderma, chronic deep pyoderma, allergic skin disease with secondary Mallassezia Sp and Staphylococcus Sp pyoderma, primary and secondary seborrhea, demodex or sarcoptic mange and also as an adjunctive therapy for dermatophtosis. It comes in a 250ml bottle....

R 25.00 - R 192.00

Seed mix specially formulated all Wild birds.   Available in various different sizes.

R 165.00 - R 2,350.00

Please note that Animalzone is currently undergoing an update in product packaging. Packaging received may differ from the current pictures on our website. Animalzone Parrot and Parakett Muesli is a complete and balanced food which provides variety to your birds diet. A balanced mix of grains, roasted peanuts, dried vegetables and dried fruit sticks keeps your bird healthy and happy. The...

R 59.00 - R 99.00

Wet food for dogs that is made with boneless, skinless white breast of Chicken as well as wild caught Salmon in a pumpkin soup.  Packed full with Omega-3’s to ensure a healthy skin and coat.  All natural ingredients such as tomatoes, green peas and sweet peas.  Free from any antibiotics or hormones or any grains. This healthy and delicious wet...

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R 389.00

Vitamin supplement with liver for use in dogs recovering from liver disease or for post-biliary supportive therapy.   Vitamin B Group ensures an adequate supply of metabolic co-factors. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant. Vitamin K supplements hepatic stores which may be rapidly depleted during liver disease. Pangamic acid and Thioctic acid enhance liver functioning and are protectants. Dextrose is a...

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R 106.00

This complete balanced food for Parrots offers diversity and variety to your parrot’s diet.  The natural ingredients include nutritious parrot pellets that have added vitamins, minerals and amino acids in order to boost your parrot’s overall health and wellbeing.  There is a variety of flavours, colours and textures to give your parrot a more interesting and fun feeding times.  ...

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R 176.00

Our Beef Bully/Pizzle Sticks are great boredom busters. They are 100% natural, beef pizzle heat dried with no salt or additives. Benefits Salt and additive free Single protein High in protein but low in fat A natural source of taurine and magnesium Long lasting chew treats that help curb boredom and encourage the release of endorphins which help to naturally...

R 59.00 - R 99.00

Appetizing wet food for dogs made from natural ingredients. Succulent Free Range Chicken breast in gravy that will get any dog licking its lips! Free from grains, hormones, antibiotics, hormones and preservatives. This healthy and delicious wet food can be used as a treat or as a meal in itself. They can also be used to compliment Orijen’s dry foods....

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Fantastic litter, no smell

Great cat litter that never smells bad & doesnt need to be changed as often, as long as you remove the messy clumps. Totally worth the price!

Itching,dry skin solution

It helps my Jack Russel with his skin allergies. Helps with the itching due to dry skin on his chest

Cats Love It

Our cats love this product. We use it as an occasional treat, and they always finish it. We did try freezing one, like suggested on the packet - but, I think they didn't appreciate the cold much. Would def suggest as a nice cat treat.

Keep Dogs Entertained

Easily best chewy for my little Jack Russell, keeps him from chewing everything else in the house.Good product.

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