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Nature's Nest Avian Lavender Spray 250ml

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This is a spray that contains lavender essential oils which are designed to condition the feathers and skin.  The lavender also helps to calm the bird and thereby increase its quality of life.  It is 100% natural and therefore it can be used as often as liked.  The idea is to turn it into fun - bond with your bird by cleaning and grooming it.  Be careful when using it for the first time as you do not want to scare your bird with the spraying action.  Introduce it slowly and gently.

It is also important to remember that this is not a medicinal replacement.

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Madelei D.S.
Excellent :-)

I am really happy!! My cockatoo tend to pluck her feathers, we don't yet know what might cause her stress and strange plucking behavior, but the moment I spray this product over her feathers and under her wings, she becomes so calm, and no plucking for the time being... I spray this on her both morning & night. She's in her big cage during the day and removed from her cage when we get home. She also sleeps on our curtain rail till morning :-) LOL. We also changed her diet to "RoudyBush Maintenance Pellets" while completely removing sunflower seeds, and we have seen a huge improvement

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My boy loves his Kong!
He is a 9kg Yorkie. I bought a large size for him and he is over the moon. Small is too small for him. Medium would also be a good size though.



Efficiency and great product! (Mera Cat Classic Adult)

I received my order in less than 48 hours and delivery was free! Hassle free and user friendly site.Such a relief to be able to order food for my babies without any trouble! Really makes life wayyy easier. 10/10 recommend and my cats love it!

Marlton Wild Bird Seed Feeder

I tried this feeder because we have cats so I want to keep the birds safe while providing food. The birds love it! It only took 2 days before I had to fill the feeder again!

Vetmed Wound

My 1 cat has very bad skin and this product seems to be working for him. I can see that where his stomach used to be red there are now patches of normally colour skin returning. I have used it on sore on my other cats and the sores have cleared up in a few days. I think it is a very good product.