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Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Feeder Ball

R 225.00

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The Kibble Nibble appeals to a dog’s natural instincts by actively engaging him in mealtimes. Two Treat Meters™ randomly dispense dry food and treats as the ball tumbles around. Customise the rate of release according to the size of your dog’s kibble. Rubber bumpers minimise noise and marks on walls and floors. The toy can hold your dog’s entire meal and unscrews for easy loading and quick clean-up.



XSmall/Small: 10.2cm in diameter / 11.4cm in height

Medium: 13.5cm in diameter / 16cm in height

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George V.

Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Feeder Ball

Excellent slow feeder and puzzle toy

My doggo loves this and keeps coming back to it. It keeps her busy, entertained, and intellectually stimulated so I think it is a winner. Perhaps the little spikes that regulate the number of kibbles could be replaceable and come with a difficult and easy setting - if you cut them now, they become easy with no way to go back to difficult. That would male it 10 out of 5, but as it is, it is brilliant and I will get it gain if I ever need to. So far, it seems very strong and robust, so I don't anticipate getting a new one any time soon.

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Such quick delivery!

I think these arrived the next day after ordering! I was a bit disappointed in their sizes - compared to the ones I had bought elsewhere previously, these look about half the size, hope they weren't from male dairy calves!

Bunzies love it

Got this as it seemed like a high quality pellet food for my 2 bunz. I at first mixed a small amount in with their old pellet food. I was really saddened to see they would eat the old pellets and totally ignore these until later when they would go back. Now the mixture is 50/50 and they totally ignore the old pellets. They even run excitedly to their food bowl in anticipation of it. These pellets also look more like nuggets with a variety of other veg things in there. I often hated the look of the typical pellets. Really happy with this product and will continue to buy this until they are older to switch to the adult version.

Natures Nest Avian Deluxe

Great harness but sizing issue

Well made harness but small was too small for my dog but medium was way too large.

Bark control unit

It does nothing to stop the barking. The dogs bark next to the device.