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Fish Food

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R 195.00

Selected food mixture comprising the best flakes, sticks, wafers and gammarus to meet the feeding requirements of all pond fish. with high-quality flakes that are particularly suited to the nutritional requirements of young and smaller fish.  contains floating food sticks for all fish that prefer to eat their food at the surface of the pond. contains sinking wafer that are...

R 93.00 - R 910.00

Nourishing yet varied diet for all pond fish.  Combination of three different varieties of pond stick. Contains all essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. Intensifies colour brilliance due to high-quality, biologically active colour enhancers. High-quality wheat germ sticks which are rich in fibre ensuring easy digestibility. Stabilized vitamin C increases resistance to disease. Low water contamination due to high biological...

R 150.00 - R 935.00

Healthy and balanced diet , for all pond fish, for when water temperatures are low in autumn and winter.  Ideal for feeding when temperatures are below 10 degrees Celsius. Easily digestible food due to high quality wheat germ. Rich in fibre and therefore optimally suited to the reduced metabolic rate of pond fish in the colder seasons. Optimum conditioning for...

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R 63.28

Tetra Prima offers a complete diet for tropical fish, in a soft, more natural format. It is perfect for fishkeepers that want to offer a more natural diet that tastes great and keeps your fish healthy. Suitable for midwater and bottom feeding fish.

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R 100.00

This is a slow sinking food for small midwater and bottom-feeding fish allowing them to feed naturally. Mini granules are suitable for Tetras, small barbs, corydoras, catfish and small loach. Mixture of herbivore and omnivore granules, to cater for the dietary needs of fish in a mixed aquarium.  

R 70.00 - R 290.00

  Gentle low heat manufacturing process for high nutritional value and high vitamin stability. The concentrated colour crisps contain additional carotenoids to promote natural colouration. The food has been produced using Tetra's patented Crisp Technology, for less waste and clearer water. The improved digestibility delivers better nutrition compared to regular flakes. Nitrogen and phosphorus production is reduced, helping to control...

R 175.00 - R 340.00

TetraPro Energy is the premium food for any kind of ornamental fish that provides health and extra power. The new energy-crisps with concentrated nutrient content. High-value Omega-3 fatty acids give extra energy. Natural proteins are good for a strong muscular system. TetraPro Energy for extra energy and growth of your aquarium fish. -produced by a uniquely gentle low-temperature treatment: -...

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  Gentle low heating manufacturing process for high nutritional value and high vitamin stability. With algae concentrate to improve resistance. Innovative crisp format for minimal waste and water pollution. Ideal for herbivorous fish.

R 110.00 - R 230.00

Complete food for all bottom feeding fish. The optimal, varied nutrition for all bottom-feeding and timid fish.  Tablets sink quickly, can be placed where needed, and release food slowly. The new Multi tablet formula contains shrimp for enhanced palatability.

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Ideal for carnivorous and herbivorous bottom-feeding fish and crustaceans  Green wafers with valuable spirulina algae especially for herbivorous bottom-feeding fish. Brown wafers are ideal for carnivorous bottom-feeding fish. Aquarium water does not become cloudy thanks to the solid consistency of the wafers. Solid wafers conform to the fish's natural eating habit.  

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Holiday food for all Goldfish   Healthy nutrition for up to 14 days. Specially developed food in jelly-basis. Keeps its form and sets nutrients free according to the demand of your fish.

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Tetra Goldfish Weekend sticks are for feeding your goldfish and other coldwater fish during weekends and short holidays away. Unlike other holiday foods, which sometimes contain indigestible plaster, Tetra Goldfish Weekend Sticks are 100% edible. They provide essential nutrients needed by your fish when you are not able to feed them yourself. This stick can be eaten at leisure by...

R 80.00 - R 168.00

Complete food for all tropical fish  Crisps are highly nutritious due to low heat production process. With Clean and Clear water formula Patented active formula maintains a healthy immune system. For decreased water pollution and therefore reduced algae growth.

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Vacation food for the optimum nutrition of fish during an absence for up to 14 days.  Healthy nutrition for up to 14 days. Patented feeding block with essential vitamins, trace elements, minerals and tasty daphnia. The tetra block is 100% edible. Long term solid in the water without polluting the water. Easy to dose. Number of blocks depends on number...

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Vacation food for optimum nutrition of fish during a period of absence.  Healthy nutrition for up to 3 days. Patented feeding block with essential vitamins, trace elements, minerals and tasty daphnia. The tetra block is 100% edible. Long term solid in the water without polluting the water. Easy to dose.

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