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This super absorbent, long lasting cat litter is hygienic and biodegradable.  The deodorizing white grit stones help with odour control.     Marltons Cat Litter can also be used to absorb spilled engine oil, deodorise and keep your garbage can dry, as well as neutralise unwanted odours in your refrigerator, and many more!

R 48.00 - R 150.00

Clumping Cat Litter. Features Natural Bentonite Controls Odours Highly Absorbent Forms small clumps - easy to remove Environmentally friendly

R 499.00 - R 795.00

The flip door will make daily cleaning an easier job  Features an easy carry handle Translucent door for added privacy Premium quality plastic for long lasting use L 50 x W 39 x H 37 cm

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The Smart Cat Toilet will make daily cleaning an easy job. This full option cat toilet provides you with all necessary functions, that is, the deep plastic tray helps reduce litter scatter, the charcoal filter helps to reduce odour and the translucent door guarantees privacy.   Dimensions L 54.5 x W 39.1 x H 40.3 cm

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Dog and toddler proof Built-in tracking mat on lid Side handles for easy lifting Stable & solid, keeps dirt inside Seamless base & walls to prevent leaks Cleaned easily with warm soapy water Large opening: from kittens to large cats Premium quality plastic for long lasting use'   Size L 59 x W 39 x H 38 cm

R 800.00 - R 875.00

Features an easy carry handle Scratch & UV-proof IML design Translucent door for added privacy Includes one scoop & charcoal filter The top part features 2 solid latching locks Cleaned easily with warm soapy water Premium quality plastic for long lasting use Size :L 50 x W 39,5 x H 37,5 cm

R 100.00

Ease the cleaning task of your kitty’s litter box with the Noba Scoop. The wavy, triangular-shaped blades are designed to help sift litter more efficiently than ever and pick up even the smallest clumps. Created with an oversized scooping area and sharp corners, the NOBA scoop allows for deep cleaning of any litter box. Ultra-solid ABS construction with reinforced handle...

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R 119.00

Pets Choice Cat Litter Silica Micro Crystals 1.5kg.

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Pets Choice Cat Litter Silica Crystals 1.8kg

R 270.00 - R 435.00

Pets Choice Cat Litter Silica Crystals 3.6kg

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This ultra clumping clay litter is very economical. The tight clumping ensures that liquid waste is prevented from reaching the bottom of the litter tray where it can decompose and create odours.  Processed and dried under sunlight from the highest quality natural ingredients.  Regal Cat Litter is made from the finest Bentonite clay and is 99% dust free.  The natural...

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Odor control - Silica crystals absorb liquid and bacteria on contact for long-lasting odor control and moisture reduction. Fast drying - Odor-causing bacteria thrive in wet, humid environments. Drier environments are less prone to bacteria, resulting in less smell. Low dust - Cats and humans can develop respiratory infections from dust exposure. ScoopFree crystals are 99% dust free, giving you...

R 199.00 - R 774.00

If your kitty is finicky with litter, look no further! SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter has no added perfumes or fragrances that could be offensive to cats. It clumps on contact by immediately absorbing urine. This quick clumping action traps the odor-causing bacteria, and odours disappear.     Clumps will continue to harden and dry until all liquid is absorbed....

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With SmartCat Lightweight Clay Coated Cat Litter, “No smell-can’t tell” is what your home would say if it could talk! The litter is formulated and manufactured to provide excellent odor control. SmartCat Litter traps the odor causing components of urine with its rock hard clumps and begins dehydrating to minimize the odor causing bacterial growth.     SmartCat Lightweight Clay...

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Kunduchi Fleece

Excellent service, excellent quality, true to size. My two four-legged fur-children are warm and snug

Hi Renier, share your thoughts about Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch

Great service!!

Hill's Feline Sterilised Cat Adult

I think it is the best for the sterilised adult cats..My opinion, I read a lot of negative reviews from pellets. I dont really like the pellets idea, scared that it might cause liver problems later on..I prefer 100% organic and raw food. What did our animals eat before pellets many years ago?
What do you think?

It is doing it’s job!

Long story short.
Sent my doggie to live with my dad for company.
He put the collar on, says there were no instructions, but pressed the button and it worked.
The collar itself seems to loosen after a while, so dad stapled it so they it does not come off. I am not sure what the issue is.
Sometimes I can hear the beep when she barks once and then stops. I am not sure when the vibration setting comes into play. Maybe the company can reply.
Giving this collar 5 stars because
1: The dog barks much less.
2. It has no prongs and it does not shock.
Thank you, life is much easier now.

Not silent

Whistle is not silent to humans and can be heard by everyone.