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Tetra Pond Variety Sticks

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Nourishing yet varied diet for all pond fish. 

  • Combination of three different varieties of pond stick.

  • Contains all essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.

  • Intensifies colour brilliance due to high-quality, biologically active colour enhancers.

  • High-quality wheat germ sticks which are rich in fibre ensuring easy digestibility.

  • Stabilized vitamin C increases resistance to disease.

  • Low water contamination due to high biological availability of nutrients.


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My cats love it!

Great food!

The best food! My golden retrievers love this dog food!

great rat food

my rats love this food!

Cozy and Just Right for winter!

At first my two Siamese cats were rather slow to accept a NEW housie - their old one is somewhat worn and dilapidated. But i next day I caught my male cat sitting in the entrance, he had decided that this was just what he needed for the cold weather. It wasn't long before my female joined him!
So yes, we are all delighted and totally satisfied with the Teddy Bear Cat Bed


I’m quite impressed. Certainly took the edge off my super super nervous horse. Helps his body and mind to be calmer and not so jumpy. Could not imagine my boy without it.