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Petmate Sky Kennel

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The Petmate® Small Sky Kennel® is the ideal kennel for your pet's comfort and security.

  • IATA compliant door, wire vents and back ventilation
  • 4-Way Locking Vault Door for extra security (Available on Medium, Large & X Large sizes)
  • Includes Airline Travel Essentials (2 “Live Animal” Stickers, Bowl, ID Stickers)

This heavy-duty kennel features high-strength plastic construction, durable wire doors that interlock for added security, 360-degree wire ventilation windows to promote healthy air flow, non-corrosive bolts, and plastic covered wing-nuts for durable assembly, and secure easy to operate spring door latches for safety.

The Sky Kennel is considered the Gold Standard for pet travel, allowing your pet to feel at home even when travelling.


Door Latches:
All Petmate Kennel Doors are 3rd Party Tested to rigorous push/pull testing to simulate the most extreme conditions, ensuring our kennels keep pets safe.

Vault Door: Strongest door design with 4 Engagement Points. IATA compliant wire spacing (Available on Intermediate and larger)
All kennels contain the airline required minimum of 16% ventilation. In addition, there are various types of ventilation on our kennels.

Metal Ventilation: Premium, industry standard for breeders.
Additional Features:
Additional product features found in our plastic kennels that make them the superior choice for pets and their owners.

Wing Nut Assembly: Required for most domestic airline travel.
Handles: Handles are included on kennels that can be carried with the pet inside (Available on: Kennels Medium & smaller)
Interior Moat: In case of accident, liquid flows to edge of kennel. Keeps sleep surface elevated and dry.
Tie Down Strap Holes: Convenient way to secure a kennel in place, especially for travel.
Tamper Proof Holes: Holes by the door to ensure that once a kennel has been secured with zip ties, it has not been opened.

IATA Regulations:
(Please check with your airline before travelling for verification of their specific requirements as the regulations change from time to time and across different airlines)

  • 2,54cm Maximum spacing for doors & ventilation for dogs, and 1,9cm for cats
  • Ventilation on three sides, minimum of 16% overall
  • Food & Water Container provided
  • Container marked with Live Animal labels

Animal must have enough space to turn about normally while standing, to stand, to sit erect, and to lie in a natural position


Colour: Light Grey

Product weight:

X Small: 2.7 kg
Medium: 5.5 kg
Intermediate: 7.2 kg
Large: 9.4 kg
X-Large: 13.8 kg
Giant: 23.4 kg

Weight Range:

X Small: up to 6.8 kg
Medium: 11 - 13.5 kg
Intermediate: 13.5 - 22.7 kg
Large: 22.7 - 31.7 kg
X-Large: 31.7 - 40.8 kg
Giant: 40.8 - 56.7 kg

Features include a flat interior bottom and a carrying handle on top. Each kennel includes "Live Animal" identification labels, and a clip-on dual food and water cup. The Sky Kennel is also eco-friendly and made from recycled materials. It meets most air travel requirements.

Please contact your specific airline before travelling for verification of their specific requirements. Plastic made in the USA, other components imported.


Choosing The Right Size:

Choosing the right sized kennel for your pet is crucial to making crate training a positive experience. Kennels come in all sizes, from small to giant, to accommodate most dog breeds. So, what's all the fuss about kennel sizes? Well, imagine your pet trying to stand up, turn around or sit down in a kennel that's too small for him. The best way to select the perfect kennel size for your pup is to measure him from the top of his head to the floor, then from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail. The height of the kennel should be 7.5 to 10cm taller and longer than your pet so there's ample space to fully stand up, easily turn around and comfortably lie all the way down! Too small and your pet will be uncomfortable; too large and your pet might attempt to use the bathroom in his space.


  • X Small: 53cm L x 40cm W x 38cm H
  • Medium: 71cm L x 52cm W x 54.5cm H
  • Intermediate: 81cm L x 57cm W x 61cm H
  • Large: 91.5cm L x 63.5cm W x 68.6cm H
  • X-Large: 101.5cm L x 68.6cm W x 76.2cm H
  • Giant: 122cm L x 81.3cm W x 88.9cm H

Interior Dimensions:

  • X Small: 47.5cm L x 34cm W x 36.8cm H
  • Medium: 61.5cm L x 46cm W x 49.53cm H
  • Intermediate: 71cm L x 51cm W x 56cm H
  • Large: 82.5cm L x 66cm W x 66cm H
  • X-Large: 92cm L x 62.8cm W x 73cm H
  • Giant: 111.8 cm L x 73.6cm W x 82.5cm H

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