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The Catch & Flash Ball flashes on impact and has a high bounce for ultimate play-time fun! This ball is also great for play in low light conditions. Multi-coloured light up ball for dogs! Lights up and flashes on impact! Great for play in low light conditions. High bounce for ultimate play-time fun! Perfect for play-time!

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This squeaky glow in the dark ball is great for play-time, especially in low-light conditions. Made from a lightweight durable rubber it is perfect for games of fetch and retrieve. Glow in the dark ball-great for play-time in low light conditions. Includes a squeaker inside and bounces too! Great for throw and retrieve games.

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Excellent service

My experience with your company was excellent, delivery was also very fast.

Partot food

My CAG never wanted to eat any pellets since I bouhgt the Plumage enhancer pellets he can not get enough. He also loves the cereal. I always buy the 3kg buckets. The previous pellets I received was sour so I was not happy wasting money on sour food. I did order again and are waiting to receive. I realy hope the sour pellets was a once off and will not happen again. My CAG realy love Animalzone.

My cats love it!

Great food!

The best food! My golden retrievers love this dog food!

great rat food

my rats love this food!