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R 120.00 - R 425.00

Keep your dog busy and having fun with the PetSafe® Busy Buddy® Bouncy Bone™. This 3-in-1 toy includes a nylon bone, rubber ball and refillable treat-holding rings so your pet never gets bored. It includes 6 tasty rawhide treat ring refills (additional treat ring refills available separately) that will motivate your dog to keep playing. Designed for tough chewers, this...

R 145.00 - R 415.00

Let your dog brush his own teeth while he’s having a blast playing with the PetSafe® Busy Buddy® Bristle Bone®. It has 3 chewing surfaces and a treat ring for your dog to chew on. The rubber nubs and nylon bristles to help stimulate gums and keep teeth clean. This toy also includes 4 Busy Buddy® treat ring refills (additional...

R 164.00 - R 199.00

The first and original style Pogo Plush™ toy has become an instant classic. Dogs love the traditional faux sheepskin covering, and the unique bounce-back design is preferred over traditional stuffed plush toys. These machine washable toys are stuffing free, so there’s no mess if your dog likes to destroy plush toys! They are built with inner bouncy frames and free-floating...

R 183.00 - R 300.00

If you have a dog who is an aggressive chewer, the PetSafe® Ultra Woofer is a durable toy that will keep him busy. Designed of tough nylon and rubber, this toy was created to be more durable and challenging than standard ring holding toys. The extra-wide ends of the Ultra Woofer protect a single ultra-thick rawhide treat ring which is...

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R 1,375.00

The Pet Safe Deluxe Outdoor Bark Control has an internal microphone and when a barking dog is within range, it automatically emits an ultrasonic sound that can be heard by dogs but is silent to most humans. Dogs should stop barking when they hear the high pitched sound and associate barking with the noise. The digital timer can be programmed...

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R 65.00

The Funkitty™ Twist 'n Treat™ toy keeps cats of all ages engaged, active and stimulated. Designed to randomly dispense dry food or treats, it easily adjusts to your cat's level of play. Simply fill with dry food, treats or catnip for an irresistibly good time! Twist the two halves of the toy wider for easier access to treats or twist...

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Features: Automatically deters excessive barking. No collar needed. Detects barks up to 8metres away. Low battery indicator. Freestanding or can be adhered to door framers, window frames, etc. Two units included for multi-room coverage.  

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R 2,723.00

Now you can experience the difference a Remote Trainer can make. Spend less time training and more time enjoying your dog. The PetSafe® Dog Remote Trainer is easy to use with an advanced digital display that tells you exactly what level of Static Stimulation you are using. 

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R 2,950.00

The Little Dog Remote Trainer is the reliable way to train your dog off-leash. This versatile and easy-to-use remote trainer will help you teach your dog new commands and manage misbehavior. At the push of a button on your remote, your dog receives a safe but annoying static correction from the collar. The correction gets your dog’s attention, and with...

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R 3,249.00

Now you can experience the difference a Remote Trainer can make. The Little Dog Deluxe Remote Trainer is comfortable for your pet and easy to use with an advanced digital display that tells you exactly what level of stimulation you're using. The Remote Trainer helps you control your pet without a lead in a range of up to 350m. The...

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The PetSafe 900m Deluxe Big Dog Trainer allows you to control your dog from a distance of up to 900m (the terrain, buildings, dense vegetation etc can reduce this distance). Using the remote control, you can apply a safe but annoying stimulation to correct unwanted behaviour. Your dog wil soon learn to associate the correction with the behaviour and will...

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Dogs have different temperaments. This innovative collar has 3 correction modes, each with 6 levels of stimulation, so you can fine tune according to the unique needs of your pet. If you choose, correction levels can also be set to automatically increase after each subsequent bark. Patented Perfect Bark® technology ensures that your dog’s bark is the only stimulus to...

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R 2,099.00

The antibark deluxe collar is specifically designed, with dual features, to promote good behaviour and shorten the training time. The unique patented sensor uses both vibration and sound sensors to distinguish between bark and other external noises. The electrical stimulation is only administered through the Contact Points only if both the vibration from the vocal chords and the sound from...

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This simple, easy-to-use collar teaches your dog to stop his annoying barking. His bark automatically activates a quick unscented spray, surprising him and breaking his cycle of barking. PetSafe Bark Control Collar - Mini/Little Dog - Spray: This simple, easy-to-use collar teaches your dog to stop his annoying barking. His bark automatically activates a quick unscented spray, surprising him and...

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SportDOG RECHARGEABLE BARK COLLAR   Select from Temperament Learning, Progressive Correction or User-Selected Correction modes. PerfectBark™ technology provides firm, fair and consistent bark control, requiring BOTH vibration AND sound to trigger a correction. The automatic safety shut-off eliminates the risk of overcorrection. Hear the quiet? SportDOG Brand.® Gear the way you’d design it.™   • Automatically stops barking • 3 correction...

R 1,135.00 - R 1,900.00

6 LEVEL STANDARD STATIC BARK CONTROL COLLAR Suitable for dogs 3.5Kg and over. Fits neck sizes from 20 -71 cm. Battery and operating manual included Effective pet training requires consistency. The PetSafe® Bark Control Collar automatically and consistently corrects excessive barking in dogs. When the vibration of your dog’s bark triggers the sensor probe, a static correction is administered through the contact...

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A bark detterent collar for use with sensitive/timid dogs.  PetSafe Bark Control Collar - Sonic (for sensitive dogs):  This light, 28g collar emits an unpleasant but harmless tone to correct your dog’s barking problem. The collar’s cutting-edge, bark-detection microphone can be adjusted to recognize your dog’s unique bark so that no other sound can set off the unit. This collar...

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R 1,250.00

The PetSafe Vibration Bark Control Collar has two primary features designed to shorten the training phase and promote good behaviour. PetSafe Bark Control Collar - Vibration:  First, the Bark Control Control offers 10 combinations of Vibration Stimulation. When the dog barks, vibration is delivered from one of the two Vibration Points. The duration of the vibration is random, which interrupts...

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