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Odor control - Silica crystals absorb liquid and bacteria on contact for long-lasting odor control and moisture reduction. Fast drying - Odor-causing bacteria thrive in wet, humid environments. Drier environments are less prone to bacteria, resulting in less smell. Low dust - Cats and humans can develop respiratory infections from dust exposure. ScoopFree crystals are 99% dust free, giving you...

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Scoopfree Replacement Blue Crystal Litter Tray - 1 Pack

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Scoopfree Replacement Blue Crystal Litter Tray - 3 Pack

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Similar to the ScoopFree Original Litter Box, The ScoopFree Ultra automatically rakes your cat's litter underneath the effective waste trap lid after your cat uses the box. The difference? The ScoopFree Ultra has a bundle of extra features! The ScoopFree Ultra allows you to select whether you want the rake to run through the crystal litter 5, 10 or 20...