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Natures Nest Avian Complete 1kg

R 65.00

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***December 2020 - Please note that Natures Nest has run out of their standard packaging. Due to this packaging on 1KG bags may differ up until February 2021.***   


Used in one of the biggest bird hospitals in SA, Nature's Nest Avian Complete is balanced and of a veterinary recommended quality.

This is a fully balanced diet for birds and provides all the vitamins and minerals birds need for optimum health.  100 % natural.  All the nutritional ingredients have been compressed into pellets.  These must be fed dry and they can be used as a meal on its own or in combination with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Feeding Guidelines

These guidelines must be adapted to the needs of individual birds.

Feeding per day (250ml Cup):

  • Cockatiel / Lovebird = 1/3
  • Ringneck / Senegal = 1/2
  • African Grey / Amazon = 2/3
  • Macaw / Large Cockatoo = 1

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Product and Service once again

This product is great for our family African Grey as recommended by his avian specialist vet. I also have to note that the delivery service of Pet Plus is absolutely amazing, so reliable and fast.

Great service and product

Used Pet Plus for the first time ordering this product, the product was great as always.


Really happy with the product as it is my first time using it and both my birds went on it with no issues, they instantly accepted it.


When I received the product I was worried my parrot wouldn't want it as the pellet is a bit harder than I thought, but within a few days my parrot is already loving it and that's all he eats now with he's veggies, most definitely one of the best pellets I could find.

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Good product

I've used this for years, always have a can in the house, but only use it very seldom in specific instances, like when people walk their dogs off lead and there is heightened gate aggression with my dogs through the fence, one pssst of this breaks all the dogs up immediately. One can lasts a long time and is very effective if used correctly.

A good product

We have a 17 year old cat with feline dementia, he walks around the house at night yowling for no reason at all, he is deaf so we cant call him, after using Calmeze for a time now he settles down and sleeps quietly through most of the night, gets up in the morning and ready for his day with no side effects of drowsiness at all. I have also found most of my cats have had very bad reactions to other calming medications and this one has none of those wide eyed stares and manic behaviour.

Just as advertised. Ultrum Ultimate spray works very well as a spray on animal bedding as well as on floors.

marlene parrot food

It gives a very nice different variety!!

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