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Bird Health & Wellness

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R 800.00

For the prevention and treatment of Candida in pigeons and birds.   The first Nystatin powder in the world specifically formulated for pigeons and birds. Easy to administer over food. Ideal for crop dosing baby birds. It is 10 x more cost effective than the human equivalent used. May be used preventatively against Candida

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R 172.00

The ultimate single dose treatment of Trichomoniasis (cropcanker) in pigeons and raptors. Metronidazole, the active ingredient in Meditrich, is one of the safest and most effective treatments against Trichomoniasis in pigeons and raptors. Metronidazole is not water-soluble and causes severe regurgitation if dosed in its pure form – the unique "Medpet cellulose coating" of the Metronidazole tablet overcomes both these...

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R 152.00

For the prevention and treatment of bacterial diseases (including Salmonella and E.coli) in cage birds.    Ultra broad spectrum antibiotic combination Excellent for treating intestinal infections Safe and affordable Specifically formulated for budgerigars Contains a combination of antibiotics and vitamins

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R 78.00

Tonic for the improvement of plumage and reduction of feather plucking in parrots. High potency, stable Vitamin B12 especially formulated for birds. Only the purest medicinal grade is used in the formulation.

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R 204.00

A combination of natural oils, fortified with the highest grade of garlic and evening primrose oil. The most complete oil supplement ever developed for pigeons and birds.   Extra Vitamin E added to increase fertility and enhance immunity. Combines well with Aminovit-H to ensure perfect plumage and feather quality. The beneficial effects of Evening Primrose Oil is well utilized in...

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R 192.00

Vitamin/ mineral/ trace element and amino-acid supplement for pigeons and cage birds.   For flock treatment. Ideal combination of a very wide range of elements. Leader in the supplementation of pigeons and birds during the moulting and breeding season. The ultimate plumage enhancer for avians.

R 74.00 - R 152.00

Vitamin/ mineral/ trace element and amino-acid supplement for the single cage bird. An aid in the prevention and treatment of feather plucking. Premolt 5 is uniquely formulated as a total supplement for single cage birds. Routine use in the drinking water three times per week is recommended for all birds. Use daily during periods of stress, disease, feather plucking or...

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R 250.00

For the treatment and prevention of Malaria (haemoproteus) in pigeons and cage birds.

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R 226.00

The ultimate single dose treatment for hyper-resistant Trichomoniasis (Crop Canker)  in pigeons and raptors.   New safe and effective formulation. Does not cause regurgitation. Contains a combination of 2 extremely safe and effective active ingredients that work synergistically in a special slow release tablet formulation. This unique product has been proven to cure 98% of Trichomoniasis cases, even those caused...

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R 248.00

Mega Vitamin B complex, L-Carnitine and Pangamic acid powder combined to stimulate racing performance in healthy pigeons.   Proven to increase racing performance in healthy pigeons, especially if combined with a high fat diet. Made from the purest grade ingredients. May be added to the drinking water or over the food and should be given for three days continuously before...

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R 288.00

For the treatment of E.Coli, Paratyphoid (Salmonella) and Coccidiosis in pigeons and cage-birds.   Broad spectrum, synergistic antibiotic combination ensures optimum efficacy. Formulation specifically made for pigeon and avian use. Cost effective. Easy to dose, water-soluble product.

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An antibiotic/vitamin combination formulated especially for pigeons and birds to treat Mycoplasmosis.   Special formulation ensures that the danger of overdosing with Tylocin is minimized. Combined with vitamins to counteract stress.

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