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A megavitamin combination as an aid in the treatment and prevention of viral diseases.   Unique formulation obtained from a leading avian virologist in Europe. A potent immune stimulant to be used continuously during a viral outbreak, or as a preventative once to twice a week.

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A vitamin, mineral and trace supplement for routine use in pigeons and cage birds.   The most popular vitamin supplement for pigeons in South Africa. Combines the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a affordable water-soluble powder. Routine use is recommended to improve performance and breeding results. Recommended as an adjunct to antibiotic treatment.

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Vitamin supplement tonic to enhance performance. Well known vitamin tonic, formulated by the legendary Piet Schoeman. Will boost your pigeons’ performance with regular use.

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100% natrural. Nature's Nest Spearmint Feather Spray contains a Spearmint extract. The ingredients have a refreshing effect on the feathers without decreasing the natural oil on the bird's feathers.

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Nature's Nest Eucalyptus Spray contains eucalyptus oil which is easily absorbed by the skin and has a myriad of uses and benefits, while it soothes allergies and is great for the skin and the healing thereof. It also aids as an antiseptic and can help with inflammation. The use of this spray can be beneficial, but kindly note that it...

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Nature's Nest Parrot Tea is a unique combination of rooibos and green tea extracts that have been combined with a probiotic as well as vitamins in order to be boost the bird’s immunity and promote a healthy digestive tract. Ingredients Green Tea Extract Rooibos Tea Extract Dextrose Vitamins Protexin Feeding Guidelines Add 5g (one teaspoon) to 250 ml drinking water...

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Fantastic litter, no smell

Great cat litter that never smells bad & doesnt need to be changed as often, as long as you remove the messy clumps. Totally worth the price!

Itching,dry skin solution

It helps my Jack Russel with his skin allergies. Helps with the itching due to dry skin on his chest

Cats Love It

Our cats love this product. We use it as an occasional treat, and they always finish it. We did try freezing one, like suggested on the packet - but, I think they didn't appreciate the cold much. Would def suggest as a nice cat treat.

Keep Dogs Entertained

Easily best chewy for my little Jack Russell, keeps him from chewing everything else in the house.Good product.

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