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Cat Litter & Accessories

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Mat for use in front of the cat litter tray. Size: 30 x 40cm

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Designed to make the cleaning and maintenance of your litter box as simple as possible! Use a Dry-Pad instead of litter in the litter box and simply change it every 3-4 days or if soiled.

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Universal wooden cat litter in the form of pellets, which works not only for cats, but also for small domestic mammals and birds – and 100%! PINOKIO is 100%: natural, biodegradable, bleach-free, produced exclusively from natural pine-spruce wood. Cat litter is very efficient, has a pleasant woody aroma, which effectively neutralizes unpleasant odours. It does not dust, does not attach...

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Pets Choice Cat Litter Silica Crystals 1.8kg

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Specifically designed for the Cateco Litter Box. Made from durable, puncture-proof nylon mesh. Allows air circulation into the litter box to naturally eliminate the humid environment necessary for bacteria growth. A vital component of the Cateco litter box’s Convactive technology, the Aerator is designed to keep litter in the Cateco’s litter box upper section while letting air and moisture flow....

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Pets Choice Cat Litter Silica Micro Crystals 1.5kg.

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Ease the cleaning task of your kitty’s litter box with the Noba Scoop. The wavy, triangular-shaped blades are designed to help sift litter more efficiently than ever and pick up even the smallest clumps. Created with an oversized scooping area and sharp corners, the NOBA scoop allows for deep cleaning of any litter box. Ultra-solid ABS construction with reinforced handle...

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Just sprinkle on top of any type of cat litter. Natural & Safe certified M-PETS fresh pearls absorbs, captures and neutralizes odours. Lab-proven to have antibacterial properties and to effectively deororize the whole cat litter box.

R 200.00 - R 375.00

100% ORGANIC & BIODEGRADABLE CAT LITTER BAMBOO organic cat litter is made from natural and  organic bamboo which makes it eco-friendly and highly absorbent (5-6 times greater than its own weight). The antibacterial, antioxydant and deodorizing abilities of natural bamboo protect your pet and ensure the indoor fresh air. 

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Dog and toddler proof Built-in tracking mat on lid Side handles for easy lifting Stable & solid, keeps dirt inside Seamless base & walls to prevent leaks Cleaned easily with warm soapy water Large opening: from kittens to large cats Premium quality plastic for long lasting use'   Size L 59 x W 39 x H 38 cm

R 800.00 - R 875.00

Features an easy carry handle Scratch & UV-proof IML design Translucent door for added privacy Includes one scoop & charcoal filter The top part features 2 solid latching locks Cleaned easily with warm soapy water Premium quality plastic for long lasting use Size :L 50 x W 39,5 x H 37,5 cm

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This ultra clumping clay litter is very economical. The tight clumping ensures that liquid waste is prevented from reaching the bottom of the litter tray where it can decompose and create odours.  Processed and dried under sunlight from the highest quality natural ingredients.  Regal Cat Litter is made from the finest Bentonite clay and is 99% dust free.  The natural...

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The Smart Cat Toilet will make daily cleaning an easy job. This full option cat toilet provides you with all necessary functions, that is, the deep plastic tray helps reduce litter scatter, the charcoal filter helps to reduce odour and the translucent door guarantees privacy.   Dimensions L 54.5 x W 39.1 x H 40.3 cm

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Comfy Pinokio Clumping Cat Litter is made from natural softwood in Poland. It is exceptionally absorbent and easy to use. It provides superior odour control and is biodegradable. Natural colour and scent. The individual clumps can be flushed in the toilet. Nice and soft for kitten's paws.

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Pet ownership is a path we cherish. Paths caused by litter on the other hand, are a different story. Introducing Dr. Elsey's Clean Tracks™ - a low tracking, hard clumping and odour eliminating litter. Clean Tracks™ has a unique formulation of medium grain clay that helps keep litter in the box while controlling odor without added perfume, deodorants or chemicals. 

R 319.00 - R 519.00

Combines heavy non-tracking granules with smaller granules. The result is an excellent clumping, unscented litter that prevents moisture from reaching the bottom of the box, while providing a clump that will not break. Perfect for multi-cat families and cat owners with sifting or mechanical litter boxes. Hypo-allergenic and has superior odor control. Contains a moisture activated fresh scent

R 549.00 - R 875.00

This scoopable litter provides a solution for cat owners whose cats do not use their litter boxes. No other litter in your store has the combination of texture, particle size, clumping ability and herbal ingredients to rescue cat owners from their problem cats. Blended with a natural herbal attractant.  Cat Attract's herbal scent, texture and particle size combine to solve litter...

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