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Dog Behaviour & Training

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This stylish and practical belt provides hands-free control and safety for both the trainer and the dog.

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Toilet training can be a daunting task for dogs and their owners, however, the CLIX Toilet Training Bells are a simple solution!   You will essentially be teaching your dog to “ring” the bell to let you know it’s time for them to go to the toilet.  They are easily adjustable in length, to accommodate different sizes of dogs and doors!...

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Calm Down is an organic herbal blend that helps calm emotional distress & anxiety due to travel, grooming, thunderstorms, fireworks, motion sickness or environmental changes. They are leakproof, fast drying and antibacterial. Colour: White Dimensions: 45 x 60 cm

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Supeseded by Coachie Whizzclick    The Company of Animals Whizzclick combines two of the most popular dog training tools; a clicker and a whistle.   Recall and reward - The Whizzclick’s unique combination of training tools allows you to recall your dog with the whistle and click to reward them when they return. Loud whistle - With a loud, clear...

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The Mikki Deluxe Training Bag allows you to reach your treats with one hand whilst using a clicker or holding your puppy with the other! With a fully adjustable belt strap and extra pockets perfect for all your personal items, this functional training bag is ideal for basic, advanced and competitive training.   You can keep your clothes and pockets...

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Clicker training is one of the most effective dog training methods. Using the clicker with treats or affection will teach your dog to have postive association with the clicker sound. Effective finger clicker.

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Clicker training is one of the most effective dog training methods. Using the clicker with treats or affection will teach your dog to have postive association with the clicker sound. All in one adjusble clicker.

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Add-A-Dog Collar onlyFor dogs 3.6kg or larger with neck sizes 127mm to 559mmDryTek waterproof and submersible to 7.6mRechargeable lithium-ion batteries last 40-60 hours per charge

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A Versatile Trainer For All Around Use. You’re in confident control with up to 16 stimulus levels and a choice of momentary or continuous correction. Vibration and tone options further help you build a customized training system to guarantee the best performance from your dog. With 1 mile of range, a slim profile collar receiver that ensures a perfect fit and...

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Dog clicker training is easy, fun and effective! This popular training method uses a dog training clicker as positive reinforcement to pinpoint and reward specific good behaviour.

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The Coachi Whizzclick is a multi-function dog clicker with whistle. It is a great training accessory that combines two of our most popular dog training tools; a dog clicker and whistle, making it an essential training product. 

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The Coachi Dog Dumbbell Toy is a classic and great for all types of retrieval training, including gun dog training. It's perfect for puppy training too!    

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The Coachi Two Tone Dog Whistle is the perfect all-round dog training whistle the whole family can use, ensuring your dog will always receive clear signals and commands.

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The Little Dog Remote Trainer is the reliable way to train your dog off-leash. This versatile and easy-to-use remote trainer will help you teach your dog new commands and manage misbehavior. At the push of a button on your remote, your dog receives a safe but annoying static correction from the collar. The correction gets your dog’s attention, and with...

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Iams Adult Cat Food for Indoor Weight & Hairball Control - Chicken

My cats are indoor cats due to where we live and the presence of wild animals. So I needed a good feed to keep them occupied and it must be nutritious . This is why I choose Iams Indoor and my cats love it and are in super conditional.

Hard to rate

It was suggested by my vet and I have been giving it to my 15 year old dog ever since (2 years +). Its for her heart so I don't see any physical changes. Her heart scans have all been good so I guess it has been helpful in that sense? We mix it in her food with water and she doesn't seem to mind the flavour (if it even has one) and she eats it happily.

Wagworld Nookie Bag

My Boston Terrier absolutely loves it!

Happy Puppies

Best chew out there!

Both my Jack Russels love this product and can't get enough of it.