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Kyron Mobiflex Healthi Treats 12's

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Great tasting nutritional treats for dogs, enriched with the benefits of MobiFlex mobility supplement.

MobiFlex with GlycOmega-PLUS (Green Lipped Mussel (GLM) extract) is incorporated into the coating on ready baked biscuits to ensure maximum efficacy.

MobiFlex Healthi Treats help to maintain cartilage matrix in dog and assist in the relief of stiffness and joint pain.

Give MobiFlex Healthi Treats as a reward when traing your pet.

Give MobiFlex Healthi Treats as a treat with the added benefits of MobiFlex Mobility Supplement.

Each MobiFlex Healthi Treat biscuit contains 500mg of MobiFlex LD

Supplement your pet's regular diet with 1 - 2 biscuits daily.

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Leon S.

• Great treats to add to your four legged kid's daily breakfast.
• Helped within 10 days for our 2 border collies stiff joints and mobility.
• Excellent product to add on every day or a diet.
• Highly Recommended!!

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