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R 685.00 - R 4,270.00

These pet carriers are IATA approved and have been approved by Bidair Pet Lounge. Ensuring no hassles when pets need to fly. Available from extra small (perfect for small breeds or puppies), to extra large (for bigger dogs like Labrador Retrievers). Metal front gates that clip in securely with screws on the sides, air vents on the sides ensure sufficient...

R 355.00 - R 735.00

Foldable pet cooling mat, filled with cooling gel cools and soothes your pet. Put in the fridge to cool the gel, then put on the floor and encourage your pet to lie on the mat.  Ready to use, easy to clean (hand washable), non toxic, both sides can be used.   Small: 40 x 50 cm Medium: 65 x 50 cm Large: 90...

R 430.00 - R 485.00

Hiking Dog Shoes will protect your dog's feet when hiking or running on the road. They are waterproof, anti-slip and comfortable. Made with airmesh these shoes are breathable but waterproof. Double reflective strips, anti-slip, comfortable & durable. To measure your dog's foot, have them step on a piece of paper and use a pen or pencil to trace around their foot. Measure the...

R 170.00 - R 195.00

Nail clipper with ergonomic handle and high quality cutting blades for ease of use. Dimensions:Small: 5.5 x 12.5 cm Large: 6.7 x 15 cm

R 105.00

Mat for use in front of the cat litter tray. Size: 30 x 40cm

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R 190.00

Flexible Rubber glove great for the removal of loose hair and dirt while bathing, or for everyday combing. 

R 85.00 - R 180.00

M-Pets Chewbo Bone is a nylon chew bone with a delicious bacon flavour designed to clean your dog’s teeth and gums. Features Promotes strong jaws, clean teeth, and general oral health Multi-textured to provide dental stimulation and chewing satisfaction. Made of safe durable materials. Features a delicious bacon flavor to peak your dog's interest and encourage chewing Long-lasting Cleans teeth...

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R 142.00

Bristle brushes smooth your pet's coat and evenly distributes oils creating shine. Suitable for all dogs, and ergonomically designed to make brushing fun for all. Dimensions: 7.5 x 22 cm

R 125.00 - R 185.00

This soft muzzle is comfortable and adjustable with a lockable buckle.   SIZING Small Snout: 1.5 x 18 ~ 22.5 cm Neck: 25 ~ 38 cm   Medium Snout: 2 x 22.5 ~ 30 cm Neck: 30 ~ 45.5 cm   Large Snout: 2.5 x 28 ~ 38 cm Neck: 33 ~ 50 cm   X-Large Snout: 2.5 x 33...

R 90.00 - R 210.00

Protective dog collar, for when your pet is injured, or post operation. Made of high-quality light-weight plastic, provides harmless, nontoxic, sturdy and non-deform performance. Extra soft fabric edge provides your dog or cat additional comfort and protection. SIZING X-Small: Neck: 14.6 ~ 24.13 cm Small: Neck: 18.41 ~ 31.11 cm Medium: Neck: 24.13 ~ 39.17 cm Large: Neck: 31.11 ~ 53.34 cm X-Large: Neck: 38.73 ~ 63.5...

R 175.00

Just sprinkle on top of any type of cat litter. Natural & Safe certified M-PETS fresh pearls absorbs, captures and neutralizes odours. Lab-proven to have antibacterial properties and to effectively deororize the whole cat litter box.

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R 165.00

This tool is designed to remove difficult matting/knots from within your dogs coat. Used regularly this tool will help prevent matting and remove loose hair. Dimensions: 5.5 x 15.5 cm

R 1,030.00 - R 4,500.00

Foldable crate that folds up in 20 seconds. Odour & stain-resistant that includes softcushion inside. Practical carry handle, as well as three openings and two pockets.Ideal for show dogs/cats and travelling in the car. Size: X-SmallDimensions: 41 x 28 x 28 cm Size: SmallDimensions: 51 x 33 x 33 cm Size: MediumDimensions: 61 x 41 x 41 cm Size: LargeDimensions:...

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R 130.00

Odour Stop is more environmentally friendly and eliminates odours and bacteria in 30 sec, leaving behind a pleasant and long-lasting scent.

R 180.00 - R 745.00

Puppy pads encourage puppies to urinate on the pads and are the perfect size for training your puppy or for dogs with special needs. Pads are super absorbent. This ensures that your floors, couches and carpets are not ruined by urinary stains. The pads absorb the urination and can be discarded immediately, ensuring no smell is left behind. Colour: White...

R 130.00 - R 260.00

Slow bowls are specially designed to help your pet eat slowly, assisting and improving digestion. Sizes: Small - 450ml Medium - 900ml Large - 1400ml

R 995.00 - R 4,175.00

The M-Pets Pet Voyager Wire Crate is a premium wire crate with double-door design for convenient front and side entry   Sold flat packed in a box perfect for shop displays and easy to assemble at home.  Plastic sliding bottom drawer and anti slip features. Perfect for traveling, or use at home. The wire crate can be stored in a...

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Available in three trendy chevron designs. Ideal for puppies, small breed dogs and cats. Provides a safe and comfortable home for you cat or dog to lie in. Can be folded flat when not in use. The cushion can be removed. One side of the cushion has the same chevron design as the Tipi and the other side is extra...

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Roudybush parrot pellets

My birds love the pellets. And the service was excellent with a quick delivery.

Roudybush delivery

Excellent service. Delivery received in excellent packaging. Time from order to delivery good.
And both my African Gray's are loving the pellets.

Happy Furbaby!

My boy Boo loves his #Kunduchi jersey, they are of high quality and will definitely keep him warm throughout winter. I have to say the customer service I've received is fantastic. This is my second year ordering and never had a problem. Most times the order arrives within hours! Highly recommended by me and my pooches!

Petsafe 100m Standard Remote Trainer

Kyron Digesteaze
Candace D.

Kyron Digesteaze