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Small Pet Bedding & Litter

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Coniferous wood chip litter with a fresh and fruity scent of strawberry.  No chemical additives. The scented litter varieties are made from using softwood chips.  They are extremely absorbent, keeping the cage pleasantly dry and ensuring maximum cleanliness. An exceptionally fresh and fruity scent, without any recourse to chemicals, is provided by pure organic scents. Optimal for hamsters, guinea pigs,...

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Cuddle flakes made from natural cellulose fibre CHIPSI CAREFRESH® Forest Green consists of extra long strokably soft natural cellulose fibres, with the help of which you can create a cheerfully colourful and exceptionally pleasant living environment for your pet.   Impressive benefits: Warm and cosy Fun and playful Simply natural Colour-fast 2.5 x more absorbent than conventional shavings 99 %...

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THE next generation pet bedding! Fine granulate instead of shavings! CHIPSI SUPER soft wood granulate is a new, very effective and super absorbent bedding product. Thanks to an enlarged capillary surface, this bedding granulate offers more suction capacity, improved moisture absorption and extremely effective odour-binding. Its high efficiency and the resulting savings on materials makes CHIPSI SUPER the most innovative,...

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Extra gentle on little paws, extremely absorbent and odour-binding! CHIPSI ULTRA consists of small softwood granules. These fine granules have an irregular surface and so can absorb liquid ULTRA fast. This eliminates odours – something to appreciate when you keep the cage indoors. You’re only going to get smells when there is some moisture lying around. Your pet will feel...

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Hygiene pellets with natural active odour blocker The unique, innovative active ingredient complex – a natural plant extract – with its antimicrobial effect eliminates bacteria, thus actively preventing the formation of unpleasant odours even over long periods of time and ensures noticeable air improvement and a longer service life of the litter. The special hygiene pellets from CHIPSI UNIVERSAL PLUS...

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