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Small Pet Treats & Snacks

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Burgess Excel Nature Snacks are complementary healthy snacks for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small animals. Gnawing on Burgess Excel Gnaw Sticks will help wear down teeth keeping them in optimum condition. Features Naturally high in Beneficial Fibre 77% Good for emotional health Promotes dental health Provides emotional and social enrichment, keeping your pet happy Prevents boredom 100% natural,...

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R 80.00

Burgess Excel Parsley Pieces are delicious baked treats that rabbits and guinea pigs love. High Fibre With tasty parsley Perfect for handfeeding Natural ingredients Suitable for: Rabbits and guinea pigsImportant for: Maintaining good emotional health, encouraging interactionAvailable sizes: 80gFeeding guide: Feed in moderation and no more than one treat per day Feeding Tips Burgess Excel Parsley Pieces can be hand fed. Feed in moderation and no...

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Royal Canin

Except excellent doggie bit. My 12 dogs loved it!
Highly recommended.


A wonderful bed, my German Shepherd is very happy and comfortable.

Hours of fun for kittens

My two rescue kittens love this toy and I love watching them enjoy it. It keeps them engaged and learning new skills and developing agility. I highly recommend the Cheese Chase.

Westerman's Suet Snack Slab Bulk Pack

great service