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Tropical Fish

R 120.00 - R 270.00

Long Term care for biologically healthy water, reducing the number of water changes required.   The reliable stabilisation of the pH-value and the carbonate hardness value ensures chemical changes in the water quality are minimised, preventing sudden dangerous drops in acidity that can endanger the life of your fish. Reduces Phosphorus and Nitrate in a biological manner, preventing excessive algae...

R 150.00 - R 670.00

Creates a biologically active environment to allow the fast introduction of fish into a newly setup aquarium. Contains specially bred, living nitrifying bacteria that reduces harmful ammonia and nitrate in the tank. Reduces the ammonia content by up to fourteen fold and the nitrate content by up to tenfold. Can be used when setting up a new aquarium, as well...

R 45.00 - R 355.00

Tetra Aquasafe creates a safe, nature-like water for fish and plants. Tetra Aquasafe: Removes chlorine and chloramines Neutralises heavy metals Supports fish's protective mucus layers Adds Iodine, Magnesium, Vitamin B and other elements for health & vitality Tap water should always be treated before it is added to your aquarium, 5 ml of AquaSafe Aquarium Water Conditioner should be added...

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R 70.00

Special flake food developed to meet the nutritional needs of Siamese fighting fish and other bettas. Contains a species-appropriate proportion of protein from added shrimps and krill. Animal proteins promote growth and accentuation of the imposing fins. Contains natural colour enhancers.

R 60.00 - R 300.00

Staple food for all Cichlids and other large ornamental fish   The sticks float on the water and suit the Cichlids natural eating habits. The nutrient content meets the Cichlids' increased requirements for animal proteins and ensures a naturally balanced nutrition. Promotes well-being, naturally intense colouring and growth.

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R 110.00

For a natural varied diet and for healthy feeding fun and interaction with fish Natural treat for all ornamental fish. Contains natural water animals in vitamin and mineral rich gel food. Fresh and natural taste to ensure maximum fish acceptance The snack is also suitable for marine fish. Nutritional value is up to twice that of frozen food No added...

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R 105.00

An effective and safe control for all tropical fish showing signs of parasite infection. For whitespot and other diseases caused by parasites, for all tropical fish showing signs of parasite infection, e.g. white spots, flicking, cloudy eyes, rapid gill movements, clamped fins, and thickened mucus. Application - Add 5ml per 20 litres (4.4 gallons) of aquarium water. Treatment should be...

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R 259.00

For permanent reduction of nitrate content and biocide-free algae control. Purely biological nitrate reduction, improving the water quality. Inhibits algae growth by removing their main source of nutrients Long-term reduction of the nitrate level to below 40 - 50 mg/l Easy to re-dose In liquid form

R 100.00 - R 165.00

For all large herbivorous bottom-feeding fish  2 in 1 wafer Complete food with concentrated algae and Omega-3 to support fish's immune system for a long and healthy life. Rich in essential fibres Does not cloud water.

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R 95.00

Complete food for all herbivorous bottom-feeding fish.   The optimal, varied nutrition for bottom-feeding fish. Tablets sink quickly, can be placed where needed and releases food slowly. The new tablet formula contains a high content of Spirulina to support health and vitality.

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R 55.00

Tetra Prima offers a complete diet for tropical fish, in a soft, more natural format. It is perfect for fishkeepers that want to offer a more natural diet that tastes great and keeps your fish healthy. Suitable for midwater and bottom feeding fish.

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R 90.00

This is a slow sinking food for small midwater and bottom-feeding fish allowing them to feed naturally. Mini granules are suitable for Tetras, small barbs, corydoras, catfish and small loach. Mixture of herbivore and omnivore granules, to cater for the dietary needs of fish in a mixed aquarium.  

R 135.00 - R 265.00

R 65.00 - R 270.00

  Gentle low heat manufacturing process for high nutritional value and high vitamin stability. The concentrated colour crisps contain additional carotenoids to promote natural colouration. The food has been produced using Tetra's patented Crisp Technology, for less waste and clearer water. The improved digestibility delivers better nutrition compared to regular flakes. Nitrogen and phosphorus production is reduced, helping to control...

R 60.00 - R 270.00

  Gentle low heating manufacturing process for high nutritional value and high vitamin stability. With algae concentrate to improve resistance. Innovative crisp format for minimal waste and water pollution. Ideal for herbivorous fish.

R 90.00 - R 490.00

Complete food for all bottom feeding fish. The optimal, varied nutrition for all bottom-feeding and timid fish.  Tablets sink quickly, can be placed where needed, and release food slowly. The new Multi tablet formula contains shrimp for enhanced palatability.

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R 250.00

Measures the Nitrate value precisely and reliably Suitable for all freshwater and marine aquariums.  For a large number of analysis Excellent long-term stability.

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R 205.00

Measures the Nitrite value precisely and reliably Suitable for all freshwater and marine aquariums. Excellent long-term stability.