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Busy Buddy Waggle

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A treat dispensing toy with a super flexible middle


The Busy Buddy Waggle has a flexible middle that wags back and forth during play. The balls on either end of the toy are compressible to encourage chewing. Each ball features the patented Treat Meter® to hold a variety of treats.


To use, insert treats into one or both of the balls on the Waggle. If you want treats to come out faster, you can trim the Treat Meter prongs. Once the prongs are cut, there's no going back, so we recommend trimming only a little at a time and then testing.

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Liza L.
Best Budy toy for small busy buddy waggle butts

My small Yorkie (2kg) played with Big Jack Russell Sister's large Busy Buddy Waggle but couldn't even pick it up - Pet Plus went the extra mile to get me the x small and he loves his toy and can't get hurt as with the large one. Love the quality as well and is virtually indestructable by my Jack Russells ;-)

Best dog toy

After wasting tons of money on dog toys that last 5 min, I found this toy and boy am I happy with the quality of this toy, our pup loves it and has chewed on it for days now and it is still in one piece, no teeth marks or anything. Very good quality and love that the treats you put inside don't just fall out because of the smart design. Really good price too!

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Roudybush parrot pellets

My birds love the pellets. And the service was excellent with a quick delivery.

Roudybush delivery

Excellent service. Delivery received in excellent packaging. Time from order to delivery good.
And both my African Gray's are loving the pellets.

Happy Furbaby!

My boy Boo loves his #Kunduchi jersey, they are of high quality and will definitely keep him warm throughout winter. I have to say the customer service I've received is fantastic. This is my second year ordering and never had a problem. Most times the order arrives within hours! Highly recommended by me and my pooches!

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Kyron Digesteaze
Candace D.

Kyron Digesteaze