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Rapeseed oil 


Fructo Oligosaccharides 

Mannan Oligosaccharides 

Pectin, Glutamine 

Roast Meat Flavouring 

Enterococus Faecium (NCIMB 10415) 6.6x10"DFU (per 1 kg) 6.6X10⁸CFU (per g)


Is a complementary feedingstuff for dogs and cats combining a probiotic, prebiotics, glutamine, kaolin and pectin. It is particularly suitable for feeding to dogs to assist in the nutritional management of digestive tract upsets.


Packaging available: 

15 ml / 30 ml 


Feeding instructions: 

Feed canigest directly into mouth for up to 5 days or as directed by your veterinary surgeon. It can also be added to the feed. 



Feed 1-2 ml 2-3 times per day 


Adult dogs: 

Feed 2-5 ml 2-3 times per day

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Lemay Q.

Iam happy with my purchase. This product works well. I have seen the improvements. Healthy pet, happy owner.

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Kyron Digesteaze
Candace D.

Kyron Digesteaze

Ricky Litchfield Infla-Active Capsules

Excellent product,which help my dog Mila so much with her leg injury 👌😁👋

Great for controlling a big dog

Halti head collar is the best for handling our big Bouvier.
Awesome fast service from Pet Plus - thank you

Iams Adult Cat Food for Indoor Weight & Hairball Control - Chicken

My cats are indoor cats due to where we live and the presence of wild animals. So I needed a good feed to keep them occupied and it must be nutritious . This is why I choose Iams Indoor and my cats love it and are in super conditional.

Hard to rate

It was suggested by my vet and I have been giving it to my 15 year old dog ever since (2 years +). Its for her heart so I don't see any physical changes. Her heart scans have all been good so I guess it has been helpful in that sense? We mix it in her food with water and she doesn't seem to mind the flavour (if it even has one) and she eats it happily.