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Comfy Mini Mouse Cat Toy - 9cm

R 50.00

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MINI MOUSE SQUEAKER cat toys (sale in TUBS 90 items) Classic toys for cats in the form of colorful mice with a length of 6 cm. They have a pipe in the interior imitating sounds when pressed by a cat. Available in many different colors. Perfect for selling checkout, creating promotional campaigns and as a bonus (gift) for customers encouraging to shop in the store.


MINI MOUSE cat toys (sale in TUBS 45 items) Small toys for cats in the form of mouse mascots. Available in several versions: MOUSE MIX 4 cm, MOUSE COLOR 6 cm (made of colorful fabrics with tail feathers) and MOUSE FEATHER 9 cm (long haired with feathers in the tail). They stimulate the natural hunting instincts of cats. Perfect especially for animals remaining at home for a long time without the presence of a guardian. Great for selling ticketing, creating promotional campaigns and as small gifts for customers.


Cat toys MINI MOUSE RAINBOW MOUSE Soft toys for cats - they are in the form of classic mice with very long tails (the total length of the toy 33 cm) inside which there are rustling inserts that stimulate the animal for longer fun. There are expressive, rainbow colors encouraging the customer to buy. Perfect especially for animals that stay in houses for a long time without the presence of a guardian.

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Yummy treat

My dog love this treat and wants more all the time. I use it as a training treat and chop them up into tiny bits

My Bunny is addicted 🐇

My bun absolutely loves this entire range. He gets so excited when it's time for his pellets. He devoures them in no time like he's never seen food before. They have made his fur so nice and healthy and he's a much happier bunny since he started on them

My parrot loves the pellets

Love it!

These bowls are great! It is easy to clean and lasts very long - it has fallen on the floor many times and have never broken. My previous ones lasted for 8 years and then I bought new ones just to treat the doggies (the old ones was still in a very good condition). I would definitely recommend it (even the slow feeder bowl if you have a fast eater).

Fence cat

Hi. I am a bit disappointed in the product. The collar is definitely not light weight. My cat weighs 3kg, and the collar is huge around her neck. She won't even move when I put it on her. The fence is also rarher intricate to put up.
Your service, however, was great and I received my product within 3 days. Thanks!