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Company of Animals Toilet Training Bells

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Toilet training can be a daunting task for dogs and their owners, however, the CLIX Toilet Training Bells are a simple solution!   You will essentially be teaching your dog to “ring” the bell to let you know it’s time for them to go to the toilet.  They are easily adjustable in length, to accommodate different sizes of dogs and doors!


  • Easy toilet training - These Toilet Training Bells allow dogs to be taught, using clicker training, to ring the bell and notify their owner when they need to go to the toilet.
  • Clear and consistent - Providing a clear and consistent method of communication between you and your puppy, the Toilet Training Bells discourage unwanted behaviours like barking and door scratching.
  • Fully adjustable - The Toilet Training Bells hang over a door handle and can be adjusted to the perfect height for your puppy to reach.
  • Completely portable - Easy to take with you wherever you’re going, these Toilet Training Bells offer peace of mind in any situation.

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Great for controlling a big dog

Halti head collar is the best for handling our big Bouvier.
Awesome fast service from Pet Plus - thank you

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