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Medpet Intestum

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Prebiotic, probiotic, and immunostimulant supplement for avians. 

  • Developed specifically for avian use.
  • For stressed birds.
  • For birds that are being or have been dosed with antibiotics.
  • For birds that are/were suffering from diarrhea.
  • To improve the health of young birds.
  • Supports beneficial intestinal bacteria.
  • Aids mineral absorption.
  • Intestinal immunostimulant as an aid to preventing intestinal diseases.

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It was suggested by my vet and I have been giving it to my 15 year old dog ever since (2 years +). Its for her heart so I don't see any physical changes. Her heart scans have all been good so I guess it has been helpful in that sense? We mix it in her food with water and she doesn't seem to mind the flavour (if it even has one) and she eats it happily.

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