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Kunduchi - Deluxe Wall Cat Scratcher

R 330.00

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Durable Wooden Frame / Large Scratching Surface / Refills available

Kunduchi - Deluxe Wooden Cat Wall Scratcher will be a great addition to your home and will save a lot of furniture.  Great texture from the perforated cardboard (with replacement refills available) and catnip provided will attract your cat to a suitable area

Easy and convenient you just rub the Kunduchi Catnip Powder provided into the perforated Cardboard Post. When worn, turn the board around with reverse side facing up, when both sides worn just order a replacement refill. Additional catnip can be purchased or catnip spray used to also draw your cat to new refills or reverse sice



- Wooden Frame, Cardboard Scratching Block - which is inserted in the Frame above, Wall attachment options

- Perfect for cats who don’t have access to lots of trees and gardens/ older and not so energetic/ cats in recovery from surgery 


- Weight: 0.8kg,  Dimensions: 59.2 x 22.6 x 3.5cm

- Colour: Brown

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Fantastic service