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Kyron Clean Ear

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Kyron Clean Ear is a non-medicated, effective ear cleaning solution for dogs and cats. 

The organic acids gently lower the ear pH. This helps to seperate dead tissue from healthy tissue in the ear canal, and discourages growth of bacteria, fungi and yeasts. Propylene glycol and docusate sodium help to dry out the ear tissues, and also to dissolve and remove wax and other secretions. Use to remove wax/debris before applying medicated ear drops or to facilitate removing excess wax buildup in dogs who have hairy ear canals.


Organic acids, Propylene glycol, Docusate suspended in an aqueous base.

Directions for use

  • Apply solution into the ear canal and massage ears gently to assist breakup of debris.
  • Use a cotton wool swab to remove all excess wax and debris.
  • Never use human ear-buds to clean dog or cats ears.

Available in 30ml dropper bottles and 100ml dropper bottles.

Suitable for use in both Cats and Dogs.

Customer Reviews

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Charmian K.
I'd highly recommend this product.

It works really well. Not long after I started using it, I began to see good results. Thus far, it is the only product that I have used that delivered good results in terms of treating the yeast infection within my dogs ears. I highly recommend it.

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