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Kyron Piperazine

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The piperazine salts are used for the treatment of ascarids in dogs, cats, horses, pigs and poultry. Piperazine Kyron is a white crystalline powder consisting of I 00% piperazine adipate (=37% piperazine base). Piperazine acts by altering muscular polarisation in susceptible nematodes, thereby paralysing the worm and allowing it to be passed out with the faeces. This neuromuscular effect is believed to be caused by blocking acetylcholine at the myoneural junction. In ascarids, succinic acid production is also inhibited. Piperazine adipate is readily absorbed from the proximal sections of the GI tract and the drug is metabolised and excreted by the kidneys. Piperazine compounds have a wide margin of safety in all animals. 

Dogs & Cats

Round Worms (Toxocara and toxoscaris Spp.)


Round Worms (Ascaridis galli, Capillaria Spp.)

Cattle/ Buffaloes

Large Round Worms (Toxocara Vitulorum)


Large Round Worms (Parascaris equorum), Pin Worms (Oxyuris equi), Strongylus vulgaris and small strongyles.


Large Round Worms, NodularWorms (Ascaris Lumbricoides and Oesophagostomum species)


  • Dogs & Cats: 1.25 to I .Sg per I 0kg body weight.
  • Cattle, Horse, Sheep, Pig and Goat: 3g/ I 0kg body weight to a maximum of 80g.
  • Calves, Foals & Lambs: 3g/ I 0kg body weight to a maximum of 30g


  • Adult Birds: 15g for 30 adult birds (0.Sg/kg bw)*.
  • Below 6 weeks: 15g for 60 birds (0.25g/kg bw) in feed or drinking water.

When infestation with Capillaria species is suspected double the recommended dose.

Dosing tips:

  • If a 1kg bird eats/drinks:
    • 50g of food, the dose is 10g/ 1kg feed
    • 160ml of water, the dose is 10g/ 3l water.

Withdrawal Periods

  • Meat withdrawal period: 8 days
  • Milk and eggs withdrawal period: 4 days


Store in a cool (not more than 25° C ), dry place.

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