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Marltons Rabbit Pellets 4kg Single

R 78.00

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A Complete Rabbit Feed in pelleted form to keep your rabbit healthy and digestive system healthy. 
Reg. No/Nr. V11039. Act/Wet 36/1047
Protein/Proteien 160g/kg (min)
Moisture/Vog 120g/kg (max)
Fat/Vet 25g/kg (min)
Fibre/Vesel 17y0g/kg (max)
Calcium 18g/kg (max)
Phosphorus/Fosfor 7k/kg (min)
Directions: This is a complete Rabbit feed that should be fed ad lib, and will then fulfill their nutritional requirements.
Packed and distributed by Marltons Pets & Products cc CK89/16460/23
21 Yaron Avenue, Lea Glen, Florida, 1709